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Action Launcher is owned in full and operated by Action Launcher Pty. Ltd.

Action Launcher Pty. Ltd.

Action Launcher Pty. Ltd. is an independent Australian company that focuses on creating mobile applications. Founded in 2010 as Digital Ashes Pty. Ltd, in 2017 the company was renamed to Action Launcher Pty. Ltd., to more accurately reflect the company's current and future focus.

Action Launcher Pty. Ltd. is owned in full and operated by Chris Lacy.

Chris Lacy

I am the sole owner of Action Launcher Pty. Ltd. I released the first version of Action Launcher in 2012, and have been developing it ever since (with a noteable detour to develop Link Bubble, before selling it to Brave Software, Mozilla co-founder and JavaScript inventor Brendan Eich's startup).

Action Launcher aims to provide a fun and customizable experience that people enjoy so much that they want to pay for.

Historically I have conceived, design and coded all of the company's apps. However I have increasingly engaged the use of contractors to aid in development. I have absolutely no art skills, so all the pretty icons and images you see on this site and in the apps are the work of others.

I'm pretty active on social media, so you should follow me on Twitter:

Business enquiries

For non-support related business enquires, please email [email protected]. Please be aware that as a general rule I have no interest in the offerings of ad networks, analytics services or similar, and am unlikely to engage you on such matters.

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