Release notes


  • NEW: Minor stability fixes.
  • Android compatibility update.


  • NEW: Minor stability fix.


  • NEW: Display widget stack on home screen for new installs.
  • NEW: Display white search/voice icons on Quickbar for new installs.


  • NEW: Changes to Plus upgrade flow.


  • FIX: Use new Play Billing library.


  • FIX: Action Search stability fix.


  • NEW: Greatly reduce features requiring Plus upgrade and make the app more appealing to non-paying customers. See for full details.
  • NEW: Action Search displays recently changed settings in its history, allowing one to tweak settings changes directly from the home screen.
  • NEW: Add Search Target bar which displays at the top of Action Search results. Allows one to direct searches directly to popular services such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Play Store, etc.
  • NEW: Settings displays dedicated search bar.
  • NEW: Shortcuts to recently changed settings display at top of settings. Toggle on/off via "Help -> Recent settings".
  • NEW: Customize Action Search sources.
  • NEW: "Open searches in browser" setting.
  • NEW: Add initial Action Search suggestions that display if there's no search history.
  • NEW: Add Google Search shortcut to Quickbar's quick select panel.
  • NEW: Display Plus banner on settings toolbar.
  • NEW: Add 10th wallpaper to 2022 Supporter Pack.
  • IMPROVEMENT: No longer request WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. The only code that used that was legacy backup code which has been disabled for more than a month.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Revamp Help menu items, including adding FAQ link.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Change picker settings UI to use a bottom sheet style picker.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Increase max auto complete suggestions from 3 to 5.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improve algorithm for identifying settings items to display from an Action Search query.
  • FIX: Squashed dock/search box on large tablets (thanks myculito#1992, Sid6Niner#5646, Grantman#1499 and others).
  • FIX: Increase default workspace margin for devices with gesture navigation.
  • FIX: Google search opens to in a browser if the Google App is not available/disabled.
  • FIX: Stability fix using composite emoji in Action Search (thanks ritsl#1461).
  • FIX: Prevent opening widget picker when desktop is locked.


  • NEW: Add "Settings -> Help -> Advanced -> Set default launcher prompts" option. Removes all such prompts throughout the app.
  • NEW: Do not display "Set default launcher" prompt on Xiaomi devices (which do not support custom launchers).
  • NEW: Only display "Get Plus" button on settings toolbar if Plus can in fact be purchased in the current device's region.
  • NEW: Add explainer item to Action Search history if search engine is auto-changed due to older purchase.
  • NEW: After listening to feedback, the previous (and largely broken) device country checks that are used to determine whether to switch back to Bing affiliate search will be used for the remainder of the v49.x releases. The new checks will be restored with the upcoming v50, which will include further Action Search enhancements.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Remove legacy, unused items from "Settings -> Help -> Advanced" menu.
  • FIX: Crash dragging app shortcuts when not the default launcher (thanks rafael_mn#1175).
  • FIX: Ensure "Set default launcher" prompt is immediately removed from All Apps when app is changed to default launcher.
  • FIX: No longer require an app restart before the search engine can be changed after a Supporter Badge purchase (thanks NukingAce#7214).
  • FIX: Settings UI pages that use bottom sheets display correctly when returning to the app.


  • NEW: App targets Android 12L.
  • NEW: If app is not default launcher, occasionally display UI prompt to help set as the default launcher.
  • NEW: Improved Action Search region defaults.
  • FIX: Numerous misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Re-release of v49.12. v49.13 has some strangeness that requires investigating.


  • NEW: App targets Android 12L.
  • NEW: If app is not default launcher, occasionally display UI prompt to help set as the default launcher.
  • NEW: Improved Action Search region defaults.
  • FIX: Numerous misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Improved Search Engine settings UI.
  • NEW: Add helper button to add a Google shortcut to Quickbar from Search Engine settings.
  • NEW: Minor Upgrade to Plus UI polish.
  • REMOVE: Legacy, pre-Android 4.4 backup method that wrote directly to the SD card has been removed. Existing backups can still be accessed via Android's document picker. By making this change, Action Launcher can remove the need to request the "android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" permission.
  • FIX: Numerous misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Default to "System default" theme rather than "Light" on Android 10+.
  • NEW: Updated Quickbar's voice/dialer/search icons and added calculator icon (thanks TarikTheHero#7556).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Further APK size reduction. Still more work to be done here.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Slightly refined initial first run experience.
  • CHANGE: Only display Google Discover related settings if the Action Launcher Plugin is installed.
  • FIX: Quicktheme uses system wallpaper colors if unable to access wallpaper image.
  • FIX: Quickbar presets that display after pressing the FAB from displaying beneath the nav bar.
  • FIX: Stability fix when restoring a purchase.
  • FIX: Improve app startup time.
  • FIX: Numerous misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Stability fix opening Quickedit/Wallpaper picker.


  • FIX: Stability fix.


  • FIX: Crash returning to Action Launcher via home swipe/press.


  • FIX: Crash booting app from a fresh install.


  • FIX: Endless crash attempting to boot app impacting a small number of devices.


  • FIX: Stability fix during app cleanup.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Further APK size reduction. Still more work to be done here.
  • FIX: Crash when attempting to purchase Plus via a widget stack.
  • FIX: Crash some folks had attempting to access Quickbar settings (thanks mushie_peas#3901).


  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduced APK size. Further work to be done here.
  • FIX: Do not trigger a transition home animation if the app is already displaying. An issue with OneUI devices (thanks Kevin Z).
  • FIX: Do not trigger a transition home animation if an unlock occurred within 2 seconds (thanks Mendel#4110).
  • FIX: Fix calendar icons when using adaptive icon packs (thanks Bones#1549).
  • FIX: Incorrect icons displaying when picking individual icon from an adaptive icon pack via Quickedit.


  • FIX: In the event of the Google Discover connection not working for whatever reason, fall back to opening the Discover feed via the app rather than show the error message snackbar/toast.
  • FIX: Fix settings continually displaying Supporter badge ad (thanks Gosha#9720).
  • FIX: Quickbar settings will fail to open in a rare case (thanks grmblfijx#4955).
  • FIX: Icons in icon picker displaying incorrectly (thanks Notadeveloper#4504 and many others).
  • FIX: Fix search icon not being visible in Quickbar icon picker.
  • FIX: Tapping buttons on edge of widget stacks works.
  • FIX: Fix downward swipe not working when widget stack initially displays (thanks Mendel#4110).
  • FIX: Appearance of search bar in Page indicator settings UI preview.


  • FIX: Stability fix using adaptive icon packs.


  • NEW: Vastly improved transition animations when returning to Action Launcher from other apps. Particularly helpful when using gesture navigation! Customize transition animations via "Settings ➡️ Animation & appearance ➡️ Transition home animation".
  • NEW: Adaptive icon pack support!
  • NEW: Update appearance of bundled Calendar icons.
  • NEW: Add Google Lens to trigger picker and Quickbar presets.
  • NEW: App icon.
  • NEW: Added 2022 Supporter Pack. Includes 9 gorgeous wallpapers available from the wallpaper picker.
  • NEW: Refresh Supporter Badge style.
  • NEW: Brave Search support.
  • NEW: Add dedicated "Animation & appearance" settings page.
  • NEW: If the app disconnects from the Discover feed, automatically reconnect. Note: requires a manual update to Action Launcher Plugin v4.0.
  • NEW: Add new font.
  • NEW: "Set default launcher" displays in desktop shortcuts if not the current system launcher.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Polish settings.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Widget stack shows most recently displayed widget upon app reload.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Remove navigation bar tint from All Apps drawer.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Increase search bar height to match the times.
  • IMPROVEMENT: "Screen edge shadow" is now disabled by default. Change via "Settings ➡️ Animation & appearance ➡️ Screen edge shadow".
  • FIX: Fix visual glitch when pressing Home to exit settings when using gesture navigation.
  • FIX: Icon pack fallback icons displaying incorrectly.
  • FIX: Radio button displaying over the top of icon previews in icon indicator/unread settings.
  • FIX: Re-populate Quickbar in the event it is inadvertently erased.
  • FIX: Crash some folks had attempting to access Quickbar settings.
  • FIX: Crash some folks had attempting to trigger a device backup.


  • FIX: Fix app icons remaining on screen when dragging from an app shortcut (thanks @jetfly56#9397 for the bug report).


  • FIX: Fix app icons remaining on screen when dragging from a folder when using non-default system long press times (thanks @ctzzs and "@Nakami | Martin" for the bug report).


  • FIX: Google Weather widget works on widget stacks and Shutters.
  • FIX: Long press duration respects system accessibility value (thanks @jetfly56#9397 for the report).


  • FIX: Fix intermittent issue where people who previously purchased Plus and re-installed the app could fail to boot the app. For the small number of people this impacted, clearing app data will fix the problem. Sincerest apologies about this bug.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Add link to Discord server in settings.
  • NEW: Polish widget shadows.
  • FIX: At a Glance widget no longer gets stuck in "Dinner with Katie" demo state. 🎆
  • FIX: Stability fix when restoring from backup.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix bug where recent Plus purchases were unable to switch to Google search when Action Search is enabled.
  • FIX: Fixed reliability of widget rendering. Widgets such as Google Weather displaying "Problem loading widget" should be a thing of the past.
  • FIX: Fixed "App isn't installed" message incorrectly displaying at times when changing a Shutter's widget.
  • FIX: Improve app startup time.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: ActionDash widget displays properly.
  • FIX: Stability fix using a widget stack on the Quickpage.
  • FIX: Stability fix opening folder settings on certain devices.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Expand supported countries for Bing search.
  • NEW: Lots of boring, under-the-hood changes to prepare for future updates (including compiling against Android 12 and upgrading to Google Play's new billing library).
  • FIX: Google Assistant being triggered when a text search is desired.
  • FIX: Only display weather settings if a weather provider is available. Weather improvements are planned for future releases.
  • FIX: Crash when disabling the dock whilst the dock contains a widget (such as the Google pill).
  • FIX: Numerous stability fixes.


  • NEW: Introducing widget stacks! Layer widgets on top of each other, and page through them with a vertical flick! Select "Widget Stack" from Action Launcher's widget list and get stacking!
  • NEW: 2021 Supporter Badge! This year's bonus goodies include 6 awesome wallpapers!
  • FIX: Increase the width of the left/right edge scrolls zones when using vertically scrolling widgets on a widget stack.
  • FIX: Fix newly placed widgets sometimes failing to update.
  • FIX: Apply Dark them changes correctly when Dark theme is changed via a daily schedule.
  • FIX: Google logo(s) only display on the Quickbar when using Google as the search engine. Otherwise, a generic search icon displays.
  • FIX: Numerous stability fixes.


  • NEW: 5 new Android 11 inspired adaptive icon styles, which work for icons and folders. Shapes are Flower, Hexagon, Pebble, Square (tapered) and Vessel.
  • NEW: Quicktheme supports for custom/manual colors!
  • NEW: Option to automatically backup your layout daily to Google Drive.
  • NEW: Improved Android 11 support.
  • NEW: Option to disable ActionDash integration (Settings -> Folders & popups -> ActionDash integration).
  • FIX: Prevent navigation bar being tinted when using legacy navigation on Android 10 devices.
  • FIX: Fix Calendar icon resize glitch when app first displays.
  • FIX: Misc. bug fixes.


  • CHANGE: Disable Action Web Search.
  • FIX: Remove visual glitch when returning from a full screen app/game when using gesture navigation.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Quicktheme colors update correctly when changing wallpapers via Action Launcher's wallpaper picker.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Android 10 gesture navigation compatibility.
  • NEW: ActionDash widget!
  • NEW: Ability to pause apps for the day with ActionDash. Simply long-press an app icon and select "Pause".
  • NEW: Quicktheme supports live wallpapers (requires Android 7.1 or later).
  • NEW: Startpage search engine support.
  • NEW: Add Action Launcher 2020 Supporter Badge 🙌. Bonus goodies this year include 5 terrific wallpapers.
  • NEW: Dedicated multiple user/duplicate apps support.
  • FIX: Bug where Quicktheme colors would cease working after a time when using Muzei.
  • FIX: Fix ActionDash notification icon displaying on Quickbar.


  • NEW: Google Discover can be specified as an ActionDash focus mode app (requires ActionDash 5.0 or later).
  • NEW: Shortcut picker UI supports non-default user apps.
  • FIX: Settings search works when Action Search is disabled.
  • FIX: Bug where an app icon could be left floating above the desktop when attempting to drag a search result to a Home screen.
  • FIX: Action Search crash on large tablets.


  • NEW: Improved ActionDash integration! Long-press blocked app icons to learn when they can be used again.
  • NEW: Apps blocked by ActionDash have their app shortcuts UI tinted grey to match the app icon.


  • NEW: ActionDash integration! When using ActionDash’s focus mode, app icons for blocked apps appear greyed out.
  • NEW: Full theme support including Dark theme.
  • NEW: Revamped Quicktheme which integrates seamlessly with the current theme, allowing you to have certain home screen items match your wallpaper, others match the theme and the rest use specific colors.
  • NEW: Quicktheme offers options to theme your home screen with the material design colors in addition to those from your wallpaper.
  • NEW: Quicktheme support added for All Apps search bar, Desktop shortcuts and more.
  • NEW: Improved Google Discover support, including Dark theme. Note: requires newly updated Action Launcher Plugin v3.1
  • NEW: "Google Discover feed appearance" option for specifying the feed appearance independent of the app theme.
  • NEW: Quicktheme uses dark text / icon indicator colors when using bright colors.
  • NEW: Quickbar will display black icons when the Quickbar is a bright, high-contrast color (such as yellow).
  • NEW: All Apps scroll bar indicators match the color of the All Apps search box.
  • NEW: When running Android Pie or later, fingerprint / biometric authentication works after using the the "Lock device" action.
  • FIX: A huge collection of misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Integrate with ActionDash 3.0's new focus mode and app limits features.
  • CHANGE: Use Bing rather than Action Web Search as the default search engine. See Settings -> Quickbar -> Action Search -> Search engine to change back to Action Web Search.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Introducing Action Search, a new pillar feature that allows for deep searching across your device, the web and Action Launcher itself. With Action Search, all searches triggered by the in-app search bar will display search suggestions from the web, your apps & contacts, your in-app search history and even Android and Action Launcher's settings!
  • NEW: Introducing Action Web Search, a custom built Action Launcher themed web search solution that displays web, news, image and video search results.
  • NEW: Options to change the search engine triggered from Action Launcher's search bar. Choose between Action Web Search, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Google.
  • NEW: Option to increase the vertical screen padding.
  • NEW: A new app icon that conveys Action Launcher as the colorful, customizable and accessible home screen app it aims to be.
  • NEW: Supporter Badge appearance for all years have been updated to use a common style.
  • FIX: Fix drawer placement sometimes being partially on screen after locking a device.
  • FIX: Fix appearance of items when searching via app settings when using colored Action Search page.
  • FIX: Fix crash importing from another launcher when a widget is on the dock.
  • FIX: General performance improvements including the improving of app boot time, the fixing of a nasty memory leak and reduction in app reloads.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Integration with our new app ActionDash! The app shortcut UI will display an ActionDash icon for apps - tapping it will load that app directly in ActionDash, allowing you to instantly view your usage of that app. Requires ActionDash to be installed.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix Google Now plugin requirement.


  • NEW: Revamp the app's overall look & feel, embracing Pie's color and styling.
  • NEW: Completely overhauled the app settings. All settings are now grouped logically, display previews, and helpful tips will take you to the option you need.
  • NEW: Add search to settings, allowing you to locate and even change settings via search.
  • NEW: Added the 2018 Supporter Badge, including five bonus wallpapers!
  • NEW: Proper infinite scrolling for Dock and Home screens.
  • NEW: Use Pixel Launcher styling for All Apps search bar.
  • NEW: Add icons to Shutter, Cover and folder popup menu items.
  • NEW: The "Lock device" shortcut trigger has been restored. Requires the Action Launcher Plugin app to be installed.
  • NEW: Add dedicated switch for disabling the Dock.
  • NEW: Add setting to allow Text labels to be hidden in All Apps drawer.
  • NEW: Fine-grained Quicktheme color support for Desktop shortcuts, Shutters, folders and All Apps folder background colors.
  • NEW: Add setting to allow easy placement of an All Apps shortcut on Home screens.
  • NEW: Allow Desktop shortcuts to be sorted by name.
  • NEW: Overhaul app's initial first run experience.
  • IMPROVEMENT: So as to comply with Google's Project Strobe user privacy requirements, the READ_CALL_LOG and READ_SMS permissions are no longer requested or used. Unread badge counts for the Phone and SMS apps now fetch their counts from notifications. Notification dot functionality remains unchanged.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Settings display correctly when using the device has a large text size set.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improve All Apps app suggestions when first installing the app.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add hints to app functionality to the launcher itself, including helpers to Colorize Shutters/folders and create All Apps folders.
  • IMPROVEMENT: After a period of unuse, Action Launcher displays default Home screen and dock pages.
  • FIX: Fix detection when dragging to delete a Home screen on devices such as Pixel 3 XL with a large notch.
  • FIX: Fix ability to create an empty All Apps folder when editing an existing folder's contents.
  • FIX: Fix dock icon spacing not updating upon its setting being changed.
  • FIX: Lots of misc. bug fixes and general performance improvements & optimizations.


  • FIX: Changes to the "Screen edge shadow" setting apply correctly.


  • FIX: Fix exporting of layout backups when running Android Pie.
  • FIX: Prevent additional Action Settings icon displaying when using Android for Work / Knox.
  • FIX: Prevent helper tooltips displaying when All Apps drawer is open.
  • FIX: Fix navigation bar shadow displaying at the wrong position on Essential phones.
  • FIX: Changes to the "Screen edge shadow" setting apply correctly.


  • CHANGE: Shutter and Cover icon indicators no longer display on Android for Work / Knox apps.
  • FIX: Fix bad bug where "Open app animation" settings would mistakenly inform Plus users AdaptiveZoom requires Plus when a non-AdaptivePack icon pack was being used. UI now conveys that adaptive icons are required for AdaptiveZoom.
  • FIX: Fix All Apps drawer width sometimes being incorrect when restarting a device.
  • FIX: Fix custom gestures intermittently being reset to their default values.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Improvements to the first run experience.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved reliability when importing from other launchers.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Improve settings as per the latest Material guidelines. Most noticeable changes are the use of full screen selection screens, as well as switches.
  • FIX: Fix "new" indicator permanently displaying on dock style and tint effect settings.
  • FIX: Fix icons from adjacent Home screens displaying when using certain Home screen transition effects.
  • FIX: Misc. bug fixes and general polish.


  • NEW: Use Pixel Launcher's desktop animation when opening All Apps.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improve positioning of icons on the All Apps page.
  • FIX: Tapping the Date widget would open the weather forecast.
  • FIX: The uninstall app dialog displays correctly when running on Android P.
  • FIX: Desktop shortcuts that are shortcut triggers require selecting a custom icon.
  • FIX: Disallow use of Huawei's widgets, as unfortunately they only reliably work in in Huawei's launcher. Attempting to use them in all 3rd party launchers causes the launcher to crash in an unpreventable manner.
  • FIX: When the desktop shortcuts UI is displaying, tapping elsewhere on the desktop closes the shortcuts UI (no longer will doing so potentially also open an app).


  • NEW: Stability fix on Samsung devices.


  • NEW: Introducing "Desktop shortcuts", which takes Android P's new-look desktop long press UI, adds color and allows you to fully customize its shortcuts.
  • NEW: Vastly improve the experience of changing/applying the app's settings. Changes are now applied both faster and more reliably. This change also results in improved usage and app stability on Huawei devices.
  • NEW: Android P style "Dock dash". Set via Settings -> Dock -> Dock separator -> Style -> Dash.
  • NEW: All Apps folders can be dragged to the desktop.
  • NEW: Adjust default icon scale and font to match Android P. By default this results in a slightly smaller icons being used with more space between an icon and its text label.
  • NEW: Adjust the default number of columns and rows used on the Desktop and All Apps to match Android P.
  • NEW: Use new look icon for uninstalling apps.
  • NEW: Expose opening the wallpaper app and accessing the widget panel as customizable shortcut triggers.
  • NEW: Action Launcher targets Android P.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Rewrite unread count to be more battery and memory efficient.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Polish vertical spacing of items on the dock.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Tighten security around other apps importing layout data.
  • FIX: Remove black flash when accessing settings on Android P.
  • FIX: Accessing the recent app list works on Samsung devices.
  • FIX: Unread badges/notification dots display correctly on Covers.
  • FIX: Fix items on the widget selection screen scaling down as a smaller icon scale is used.
  • FIX: Fix issue where quickly toggling the units of weather widget would cause the text of the widget preview to shrink.
  • FIX: Reordering of shortcuts on the dock in right-to-left languages.
  • FIX: Fix app shortcuts UI intermittently displaying incorrectly in landscape.
  • FIX: Fix positioning of desktop pages in landscape on phones running Nougat or later.
  • FIX: Fix dock items displaying in landscape on a phone when the dock is disabled.
  • FIX: Fix dock items displaying incorrectly after adjusting dock order in landscape.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix intermittent crash when loading app shortcuts.


  • FIX: Fix width of All Apps drawer items on large tablets in landscape.


  • NEW: Require acceptance of updated Privacy Policy (GDPR compliance).
  • NEW: Update third party libraries to versions that do not keep records of unique device ids (GDPR compliance).
  • FIX: Fix appearance of All Apps drawer on phones in landscape.
  • FIX: Hidden apps do not appear in All Apps' predicted apps row.
  • FIX: Fix issue when using legacy App shortcuts UI.


  • FIX: Improve performance of App shortcuts UI.
  • FIX: Fix appearance of All Apps drawer when not using a dock.
  • FIX: Fix display bug when opening and closing All Apps folders quickly.
  • FIX: Fix intermittent crash when adding items to folders.
  • FIX: Increase reliability of Now connection when the app boots.


  • FIX: Fix a portion of the wallpaper being visible beneath the All Apps drawer on the left and right screen edges.
  • FIX: Quickedit works for items in All Apps folders.
  • FIX: Fix position of widget resize frame.


  • NEW: When the Quickbar is white and uses a transparency of 35% of greater, icons on the Quickbar display in white ala Pixel Launcher.
  • NEW: Support for P style rounded dock. The dock's look can be changed via the new Dock tint effect setting.
  • NEW: Add Pixel Launcher style search bar to All Apps drawer.
  • NEW: When sliding the All Apps drawer open, smoothly transition to the new Pixel Launcher style search bar.
  • NEW: Folders can be created in the All Apps drawer.
  • NEW: "Show desktop shortcuts" setting added to All Apps options. If disabled, apps with shortcuts on the desktop are automatically hidden from the app drawers.
  • NEW: "Select Apps" option added to folders.
  • NEW: "Sort" option added to folders.
  • NEW: Use Android P style rounded folders.
  • NEW: Smartsize icon scaling, previously a Plus only feature, is now used automatically for all users.
  • NEW: All Apps shortcut gestures no longer require Plus upgrade.
  • NEW: Android P compatibility. Specifically, the compatibility warning notice no longer displays.
  • NEW: Add "Customize" option to the Quickbar's menu.
  • IMPROVEMENT: During an initial import, the app imports layouts from other apps without forcing a restart of Action Launcher.
  • IMPROVEMENT: General app optimizations.
  • CHANGE: Changed default app gestures such that: swiping up on the desktop opens All Apps; settings is opened by double-tapping empty space on the desktop.
  • CHANGE: Simplified dock swipes to open All Apps such that: Swiping up anywhere on the dock now always opens All Apps; to open Covers/Shutters on the dock, swipe downwards on the icon. This behavior can be changed via "Settings -> App drawers -> All Apps -> Swipe dock to open".
  • CHANGE: Width of items on All Apps drawer adjusts with the desktop margin setting.
  • REMOVE: Support for the Lollipop and Marshmallow style All Apps drawers has been depreciated. We never like removing features, but in this case, we've made the decision to focus development on the Nougat style full screen All Apps drawer going forward. Doing so allows us to deliver new features such as folders and Pixel Launcher 2 search bar faster and more reliably.
  • FIX: The Google App's "At a glance" widget can be placed.
  • FIX: Improved support for right-to-left languages.
  • FIX: Navigation buttons are white on Galaxy S8/S9 style devices.
  • FIX: Fix crash when running the app with Android's "Work mode" disabled.
  • FIX: Fix grabbing of the All Apps page slider.
  • FIX: Fix appearance of Action Launcher's icon on devices running Oreo or later.
  • FIX: Fix dock caret Quicktheme support.
  • FIX: Inform user that Quickbar settings can't be accessed if "Don't keep activities" developer setting is enabled.
  • FIX: Fix appearance of status bar when opening All Apps on Android 5.x and 6.x.
  • FIX: Fix app drawer displaying in broken visual state after upgrading to Plus on Android 5.x and 6.x.
  • FIX: Disallow use of the Huawei Weather widget. Attempting to use this widget in all 3rd party launchers causes them to crash in an unpreventable manner.
  • FIX: Fix shortcuts dragged from All Apps to the dock occasionally briefly displaying in the wrong position.
  • FIX: Fix gestures sometimes failing to work after the Now feed is disconnected.
  • FIX: Fix issue where status bar could display in the wrong color after changing the All Apps panel color.
  • FIX: Stability fix importing from other launchers on Android 6.0 devices.
  • FIX: Stability fix when editing Quickbar on Android 8.1 without Storage permission being granted.
  • FIX: Fix appearance of folder after changing the icon of an app in the folder.
  • FIX: Fix issue with dock sometimes displaying above the Quickpage.
  • FIX: A great many miscellaneous stability fixes.


  • FIX: Stability fix when dragging adaptive icons with a large grid size.
  • FIX: Quicktheme works with page indicator.


  • FIX: Zoom-style folder open/close animations display when using a sub-100% desktop icon scale.
  • FIX: Fix wrong Home screen sometimes being displayed after entering the Home screen edit mode.


  • NEW: AdaptiveZoom graduates from beta, and has been enhanced to allow app developers to tweak how their apps launch.
  • NEW: "AdaptivePack Fallback" icon pack option, which will first attempt to load an adaptive icon from an app, and only if that fails, request an icon from AdaptivePack.
  • NEW: "Faux adaptive icon" option, which will generate an adaptive icon shape for all icons that don't have an available adaptive icon. Note: requires adaptive icons (either Oreo or AdaptivePack).
  • NEW: "Faux adaptive icon" option, which will generate an adaptive icon shape for all icons that don't have an available adaptive icon. Note: requires adaptive icons (either Oreo or AdaptivePack).
  • NEW: Android 8.1 style adaptive icon drag animations.
  • NEW: Android 8.1 style folders, including dynamic open/close animations.
  • NEW: Appearance of bundled Calendar icons updated to use adaptive variants.
  • NEW: App builds against Android 8.1.
  • IMPROVEMENT: New adaptive icon settings screen.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduce app boot time.
  • FIX: Fix issue where Quicktheme would fail to recognize a wallpaper change that occurred outside of Action Launcher when running Android 8.1.
  • FIX: Fix notification dot displaying at the wrong location on a folder.
  • FIX: Fix app behavior when connecting to and from Samsung Dex.
  • FIX: Stability fix when using Quickedit.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Increase speed of AdaptiveZoom animation.
  • CHANGE: Don't default to adding a the "At a Glance" widget to the home screen after each major update.
  • FIX: Improve handling of animated clock icon when using AdaptiveZoom.
  • FIX: Fix bug where attempting to open the weather (such as via the ""At a Glance" widget) would instead display the Google App.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Introducing AdaptiveZoom - an exclusive Action Launcher feature that zooms an adaptive icon to the center of the screen as the app loads! Note: AdaptiveZoom in beta, and requires adaptive icons (so you must be running either Oreo or AdaptivePack).
  • NEW: 2018 Supporter badge is available! As well as the badge, supporters also get three original and unique Action Launcher themed wallpapers.
  • NEW: Integrate Android 8.1 style "bounce" animation in All Apps drawer.
  • NEW: Integrate Android 8.1 style "easing" animation in on leftmost and rightmost Home screens (Note: won't display if Now feed, Quickdrawer and/or Quickpage is enabled).
  • NEW: Folder previews display the top leftmost shortcuts rather than the top row of shortcuts (as per Android 8.1).
  • NEW: Support dragging to delete an entire Home screen.
  • NEW: Empty Home screens can be created.
  • NEW: Re-enable usage of Android's Accessibility APIs (with Google's blessing), improving reliability of opening the notification shade and recents list.
  • NEW: Add "Circular reveal" app open animation (Settings -> Desktop -> Open app animation).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Polish appearance and animations of line page indicator.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Memory usage optimizations.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The All Apps letter highlighter can be controlled by tapping anywhere on scroll bar, not just the scroll bar position indicator.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Use Android's downloadable fonts. Results in smaller APK, and improves memory usage when using custom Roboto fonts.
  • IMPROVEMENT: 2016 Supporter pack wallpapers are again available (via Action Launcher's wallpaper picker).
  • CHANGE: As of v33, Lollipop or later is required.
  • FIX: Quicktheme not updating after a manual wallpaper change.
  • FIX: Fix Quicktheme colors updating when the wallpaper is changed via an external application.
  • FIX: Fix Quicktheme colors updating after the app is granted the Storage permission when running Android 8.1.
  • FIX: Fix All Apps drawer displaying incorrectly when it is opened quickly upon the app loading.
  • FIX: Fix item being dragged from the All Apps drawer temporarily not following one's finger when the All Apps drawer closes.
  • FIX: Fix Google Pill displaying in a glitchy manner when running Samsung 7.x devices.
  • FIX: Fix appearance of home screen shortcuts when enabling low-power mode on Samsung devices.


  • NEW: All new installs use the Pixel 2-style dock search box and displaying the At a Glance widget by default.
  • NEW: Pixel 2-style dock search box and Oreo-style App Shortcuts features no longer require Plus and are now available to all users.
  • NEW: All Apps page uses Pixel 2-style rounded scroll indicator.
  • NEW: When running Android 8.1 or later, the main and Quicktheme settings pages display a notice requesting the Storage permission. This is required because as of Android 8.1, accessing the device's wallpaper requires this permission.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Optimize app boot time.
  • FIX: Ensure app does not display in Recents list.
  • FIX: When All Apps drawer is animating open, prevent Quickdrawer & Quickpage opening or desktop page changing.
  • FIX: Fix All Apps scroll indicator position jumping when app suggestions go off screen.
  • FIX: Fix fading of desktop on screen when using Google Now feed.
  • FIX: Ensure correct folder page indicator is set when using Google Now feed.
  • FIX: App Shortcuts UI displays Edit option for items in the All Apps list.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • FIX: Stability fix when selecting an icon from AdaptivePack via Quickedit on Android 7.x and earlier devices.
  • FIX: When All Apps drawer is animating open, prevent Quickdrawer & Quickpage opening or desktop page changing.
  • FIX: Fix issue where All Apps drawer could display with white text on a white background when using live wallpapers.
  • FIX: Prevent various settings that should be displaying a wallpaper preview from erroneously displaying a white image when using Google Wallpaper's daily wallpapers.
  • FIX: Fix case where a custom dock color would be reset next time the app loads for non-Plus users.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Improve fluidity of scrolling in the All Apps drawer.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • CHANGE: The "Add icon to Home screen" setting only prevents app shortcuts (such as those created by the Play Store after installing a new app) from appearing on the desktop. Other shortcuts, such as Chrome bookmarks or direct dial shortcuts added by external apps will be added to the desktop.
  • FIX: Fix desktop sometimes displaying beneath the All Apps drawer when using both a partially transparent All Apps drawer and Google Now integration.
  • FIX: Quickedit again displays icon pack suggestions.
  • FIX: An icon selected from an icon pack via search is applied correctly on Quickedit.
  • FIX: Fix memory leaks related to Google Now integration. Should help greatly with app reloads.
  • FIX: Fix custom app names being reset the next time that app is updated via the Play Store.
  • FIX: Improve reliability of the initial fade animation when the app boots to the non-leftmost Home screen.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Change folder style settings to allow picking specific folder style. This both allows picking a folder style different to the adaptive icon style, and allows customizing folder styles for devices where adaptive icons aren't currently in use.
  • FIX: Fix crash when attempting to drag items to the "Remove" and "Uninstall" shortcuts.
  • FIX: Fix adding shortcuts from external apps on Android 5, 6 and 7.
  • FIX: Fix issue where Now feed would be re-enabled after previously being disabled.
  • FIX: Quickedit stability fix related to icon packs that fail to provide required icon definitions.
  • FIX: Add, on an opt-in basis, the ability to include your email in automatic crash reports to help isolate your crashes when dealing with support. "Settings -> Help -> Advanced -> Include email in crash reports."


  • FIX: Fix "Browse storage" shortcut trigger on Oreo.
  • FIX: Fix the Action Launcher "Activities" widget when running on Oreo.
  • FIX: Fix transparency on Shutter and folder backgrounds.
  • FIX: Fix "fling to delete" from the Quickdrawer.
  • FIX: Fix issue with shortcuts disappearing if picked up for a brief moment.
  • FIX: Stability fix when adding widgets on Android 4.x.


  • FIX: Stability fix when dragging certain types of shortcuts in folders.
  • FIX: Stability fix when booting the app with certain icon packs enabled.
  • FIX: Fix issue where adaptive icon style could not be changed when running Android 8.x without AdaptivePack installed.


  • FIX: Stability fix accessing folder settings in certain languages.


  • NEW: Adaptive folders, which applies the current Adaptive Icon style to folders.
  • NEW: Full support for Android 8.0's shortcut and widget pinning from external apps, allowing for, as an example, Chrome to add a url shortcut to the Home screen. Please note that as per Android 8.0's changes, shortcuts and widgets will only be added when Action Launcher is the default system launcher.
  • NEW: Essential Phone support.
  • NEW: Add Google's Product Sans as custom font option (Settings -> Icon appearance & App Shortcuts -> Font).
  • NEW: At a Glance widget uses Product Sans font, unless a different custom font is set.
  • NEW: By default, the App Shortcuts UI is tinted to match the app icon's color for Plus users.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Vastly improve image quality of icons when using AdaptivePack.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Adaptive Icon setting is now a free feature available for all users.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Tweak colors of page indicator to match Pixel Launcher.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations, including fixing order of items on At a Glance widget.
  • CHANGE: Animated clock app icon animates just the hour and minute hands. This both matches Pixel Launcher 2, as well as improving performance.
  • CHANGE: At Google's behest, Action Launcher no longer uses Android's accessibility APIs. This means that for a segment of legacy Samsung devices, Action Launcher will no longer be able to open the notification panel. Apologies for any inconvenience caused users of such devices, but Google's directive here is clear.
  • CHANGE: Due to Android changes that make it unreliable, the "Icon style" setting is no longer available on Android 8.0 or later. Global icon styles can of course be customized via the Adaptive Icon style setting, and customizing individual icon styles can be done on a per-app basis via Quickedit.
  • CHANGE: The in-app FAQ has been replaced with the new support website.
  • FIX: Fix bug where, after opening a link via the Google Feed integration and later returning to Action Launcher, the app would sometimes fail to display the desktop.
  • FIX: Fixed App Shortcuts not working on Android 7.1+ devices for apps that target old versions of Android (such as Textra and Telegram).
  • FIX: Fix App Shortcuts UI displaying incorrectly when using a black wallpaper.
  • FIX: Custom fonts are applied to App Shortcuts UI.
  • FIX: Fix certain shortcuts becoming invisible after picking them up and quickly putting them down again.
  • FIX: Fix appearance of items in All Apps drawer when App Shortcuts UI displays.
  • FIX: Fix height of status bar on devices such as Essential Phone and Pixel 2 XL.
  • FIX: Fix intermittent crash when rotating the device with the Quickdrawer open.
  • FIX: Fix issue where a Shutter's widget would sometimes not display correctly.
  • FIX: Fix Shutter reverting to its previous name upon app reboot after being renamed via the open Shutter panel.
  • FIX: Fix case where folder on Quickpage could remain open when the Quickpage itself has been closed.
  • FIX: Fix inability to interact with elements of an open Shutter/folder on the Quickpage that display to the left of the Quickpage edge.
  • FIX: Fix centering of cursor in All Apps drawer.
  • FIX: Fix Quickbar shadow appearance when using transparency.
  • FIX: Fix appearance of folders when zooming desktop pages on S8/Note 8 devices.
  • FIX: Fix appearance of colored Assistant icon on Quickbar on certain devices.
  • FIX: Fix centering of search box preview in Quickbar settings.
  • FIX: Fix crash when attempting to colorize Quickbar icons.
  • FIX: Fix appearance of menu button on Quickbar on Android 5.1 and earlier.
  • FIX: Icon packs only apply an icon shader to application icon only. The backing plate image is no longer modified.
  • FIX: Shortcuts that are placed on the edges of the Quickpage/desktop are restored when switching from a large grid size to a small grid size and back again.
  • FIX: Fix issue where removing the last Cover/folder from a Home screen page would sometimes also fail to also remove the now empty Home screen.
  • FIX: Fix At a Glance widget preview displaying on update overview.
  • FIX: Fix single grey line appearing at the bottom of the settings page.


  • FIX: Fix icon color change not saving correctly on Quickbar.
  • FIX: Fix Hamburger menu occasionally incorrectly displaying on Quickbar when it should not.
  • FIX: "3 dots" Quickbar overflow menu group icon can be colorized.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix crash with At a Glance widget when there is not valid appointment title.


  • FIX: Fix Quickbar icon color changes not saving correctly.


  • NEW: Pixel Launcher 2-style "At a Glance" widget.
  • NEW: Controls to colorize Quickbar icons with the Google colors. Pick a grid or stripes pattern, then rotate the pattern until you create the perfect looking icon.
  • NEW: Add Google Assistant trigger, so that it can be easily placed on the Quickbar, added as a configurable shortcut, etc.
  • NEW: When using AdaptivePack, the calendar icon displays today's date.
  • NEW: Dynamic clock icon supports Adaptive Icons.
  • NEW: Option to display Adaptive Icons in the "TouchWiz" shape.
  • NEW: Use Pixel Launcher 2-style rounded icons for settings, widgets, etc.
  • NEW: Ability to reset all custom icons in one fell swoop.
  • NEW: Option to disable auto-adding of shortcuts when new apps are installed from the Play Store (Settings -> Desktop -> Advanced -> Add icon to Home screen).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Much improved S8/Note 8 compatibility, including using white software navigation buttons.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Tweak height of search box when it is in the dock to match Pixel Launcher 2.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • CHANGE: Dock no long displays a tint by default, to match Pixel Launcher 2. See "Settings -> Quicktheme -> Dock background" to add the dock tint back.
  • CHANGE: Date widget displays in "Month, Day" format in US English (thanks @ChrisPirillo).
  • FIX: When picking up an icon from the desktop with Search box (dock) enabled, the top control buttons no longer display over the top of the zoomed out Home screen preview.
  • FIX: Fix long-standing issue where dock would sometimes display at the wrong height after unlocking the device from the lock screen.
  • FIX: Fix some Quickbar icons extracted from an app sometimes being incorrectly colored.
  • FIX: Fix issue where a custom icon that was removed would sometimes be used again after the app restarts.
  • FIX: Fix crash when using Quickedit with 100+ icon packs.
  • FIX: Fix crash first time Plus users re-install the app on Nexus/Pixel devices.
  • FIX: Fix certain icons such as Facebook and Messenger displaying in the wrong color on the Quickbar.


  • NEW: Full support for the Pixel 2-style dock search box. Enable it via Settings -> Quickbar -> Style -> Search box (dock).
  • NEW: Customize the corner size of the search box.
  • NEW: Support for Google "G" logo on search box.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Android 4.x stability fix.


  • NEW: Full Adaptive Icon support. Pick between square, rounded square, squircle, circle and teardrop shapes. Requires Android 8.0.
  • NEW: Full support for AdaptivePack, a new companion application that allow Action Launcher to display Adaptive Icons for all devices running Lollipop and above.
  • NEW: Quickedit displays all Adaptive Icon variants as part of its alternate icon suggestions. Requires Android 8.0.
  • NEW: The light navigation bar is used where appropriate. Requires Android 8.0.
  • NEW: Action Launcher itself uses an Adaptive Icon.
  • NEW: Revamped icon picker UI.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added "New" indicator in Settings to help locate new features.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Bottom sheet style UI for selecting the current icon pack.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • FIX: Newly installed apps from the Play Store have shortcuts placed on your home screen when running Android 8.0.
  • FIX: If the current icon pack is updated, reload icons from scratch.
  • FIX: Fix crash some people were having when accessing Icon settings.
  • FIX: Fix Action Launcher settings appearing in Recents app list.


  • FIX: Fix crash attempting to use Quicktheme on Marshmallow devices.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Stability fix.


  • FIX: Stability fix.


  • NEW: Weather widget (Alpha). Requires Android 6.0 or later.
  • NEW: Adjust the color of the App Shortcuts panels via Quicktheme.
  • NEW: App Shortcuts, Shutters and Covers can be tinted with the highlight color of the controlling icon via Quicktheme. Allows for Twitter's App Shortcuts panel to by light blue, WhatsApp's to be green, etc.
  • NEW: Ability to adjust the transparency of the All Apps page, search box, folders, Shutters and more via Quicktheme.
  • NEW: Quickbar (aka the custom Google Search bar) can be placed as a standalone widget anywhere on your layout.
  • NEW: Revamped Quickbar icon picker, and the number of icons available for Quickbar customization has increased from ~200 to ~950.
  • NEW: Option to disable widget padding (Settings -> Desktop -> Advanced -> Widget padding).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Fixed a nasty memory leak related to the animated clock icon that was causing excessive battery drain and general performance issues.
  • CHANGE: Unfortunately, the "Lock device" shortcut has been removed at Google's request. Please see the FAQ for full details.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix case where app would display incorrectly in the event the Google Now feed was disconnected unexpectedly.
  • FIX: Google Now feed has priority over infinite Home screen scrolling preference.
  • FIX: Restore Quickdrawer swipe shortcuts if Now feed is uninstalled.
  • FIX: Fix for intermittent issue of Notification Dot UI not dismissing.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • FIX: Fix case where tapping to dismiss App Shortcuts could sometimes cause an app to load.
  • FIX: Fix unread badge count displaying on dynamic App Shortcuts.
  • FIX: Ensure animated clock widget trigger is configured upon app restart.
  • FIX: Fix All Apps caret animating ceasing in the final phase of the All Apps drawer opening.
  • FIX: Fix alignment of checkboxes on Text labels setting.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Google Now integration for all! Requires installation of the Action Launcher Google Plugin application.
  • NEW: Full Notification Dots support!
  • NEW: Long-pressing an shortcut will display a preview of app's notifications and allow notifications to be dismissed ala Android O. Available when using either Notification Dots or Unread Count. Requires Lollipop or later.
  • NEW: Unread Count support extended to all apps that have a current notification.
  • NEW: Android O style App Shortcuts panel. Requires Lollipop or later.
  • NEW: Allow granular control as to which apps display Notification Dots/Unread Count.
  • NEW: Android O style widget picker, which displays all relevant widgets for a given shortcut.
  • NEW: Directly engage Action Launcher's Quickedit panel via a shortcut's long-press popup UI. Requires Lollipop or later.
  • NEW: Dedicated "Icons & App Shortcuts" settings page, which is home to all icon related settings.
  • NEW: When Google Pill widget is on the left screen edge and Google Now integration is enabled, display a tinted edge background as per Pixel Launcher.
  • NEW: Option to adjust the scale of icon indicators.
  • NEW: Revamped interface for selecting the apps that are hidden from app drawers.
  • IMPROVEMENT: As the Google Now feed slides on/off, home screens gracefully slide off/on.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • FIX: Fix issue where Action Launcher would fail to identify some App Shortcuts on pre-Android 7.1 devices.


  • FIX: Fix all-white indicators displaying for icons with little color in them.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • CHANGE: Update color of Action Launcher's App Shortcut icons (that display in other launchers).
  • FIX: Fix animating clock icon sometimes displaying the wrong time (🤦).
  • FIX: Triggering a voice search.
  • FIX: Fix rare case of dock displaying at the wrong height when the OS restarted the app when the screen was off.
  • FIX: Fix order items on the French date widget.


  • FIX: Fix issue with people upgrading from v3.12.x and Quickcuts shortcuts not displaying.


  • FIX: Fix crash on app boot when running on Android 4.x devices.
  • FIX: Fix crash when using French language.


  • NEW: Action Launcher 3 has been renamed to Action Launcher, and has a shiny new icon to prove it!
  • NEW: Use an animating, Android O-style clock icon for the Google Clock app (requires Lollipop or later). This animating clock is also available as a standalone widget.
  • NEW: By default, all new installs of Action Launcher will use Pixel Launcher style All Apps, folders and everything in between.
  • NEW: Many Pixel Launcher features that previously required Plus are now free for all users. Furthermore, the app is now far less aggressive in prompting users to upgrade to Plus.
  • NEW: Full integration of Pixel Launcher's UI styling for displaying App Shortcuts (previously known as Quickcuts). App Shortcuts display when long pressing an icon from either the desktop or All Apps list.
  • NEW: App Shortcuts can be used in combination with Shutters and Covers.
  • NEW: App Shortcuts can be dragged and placed as shortcuts on a home screen.
  • NEW: Revamped appearance of the icon indicators for Covers, Shutters and App Shortcuts..
  • NEW: Smartsize icon resizing is no longer a beta feature, and is enabled by default for all Plus users.
  • NEW: Add animated caret indicator when opening/close Pixel style All Apps.
  • NEW: Custom system fonts are correctly applied to labels on the desktop.
  • NEW: The horizontal screen margin can be adjusted (via Desktop settings, phones only).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Lots of polish to ensure the app's look and feel mimics that of Pixel Launcher. Notable areas of focus include the padding of All Apps drawer and folder appearance.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Optimizations to memory, battery usage and scrolling performance.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Order the date and month displays on the date widget is correctly localized.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The screen edge shadow no longer displays at the bottom of the screen when using a tinted dock.
  • IMPROVEMENT: On first boot, the home screen animates smoothly on screen rather than having shortcuts snap on.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • FIX: Remove stutter first time All Apps drawer is opened.
  • FIX: Open folders display a shadow.
  • FIX: Fix aliasing on the icons of the first 3-4 shortcuts in a folder.
  • FIX: Improved support for tall devices like the S8 and G6.
  • FIX: Notification panel shortcut works on Galaxy S8.
  • FIX: Fix issue where removing the last shortcut from a Home screen page would sometimes also fail to also remove the now empty Home screen.
  • FIX: Fix issue where items could appear on the Quickbar multiple times.
  • FIX: Improve detection of App Shortcuts on pre-Android 7.1 devices.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.

Note: Action Launcher's version numbering has changed!

  • Going forward, Action Launcher will increase its major version number with each new release. Version numbers will start at 25, given there have been 24 major Action Launcher releases over the life of the product to this point.
  • The historical release log is available below.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • FIX: Don't display unread badges for additional user profiles (Knox, Android for Work, etc.).
  • FIX: Stability fix when scrolling the widget list.
  • FIX: Stability fix when using hardware keyboard to tab between desktop shortcuts.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: The size of the text labels for items in the All Apps drawer are scaled based on the icon size. No more small icons with large text.
  • FIX: Fix Quickpage not closing via a swipe after closing a Shutter/Quickcut via pressing Back/Home.
  • FIX: Fix occasional issue where folder background would not display when using legacy folders.


  • FIX: Fix missed call badges displaying for the Contacts app rather than Phone app on Samsung devices.
  • FIX: Fix issue where unread SMS counts would display for an app that was not the current SMS app.
  • FIX: Do not list Inbox in unread badge app list if Gmail is not installed.
  • FIX: Fix issue where tapping directly on the switch in the settings would in fact not toggle the switch's value.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix bug where tapping the switch to enabled unread count for an app would fail to work for people running Marshmallow or later.
  • FIX: Fix bug where Covers/Shutters would fail to swipe open when using the Pixel style All Apps drawer in combination with the device animation speed being disabled (thanks +Fas Lane).
  • FIX: Ensure keyboard always displays when triggering a Google search (rather than displaying results of previous search).
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Unread badges ('Alpha'): currently displays the number of unread SMS messages, missed calls, unread Gmail/Inbox messages and upcoming calendar appointments.
  • NEW: Fully customize the appearance of unread badges.
  • NEW: A new "Round (exclude white plates)" icon style. Use Android 7.1's round icons, but only if they do not look like an "icon on a plate"!
  • NEW: Quickpage, a fully customizable home screen panel accessible from the right screen edge, is no longer a Plus only feature and is available for all users.
  • NEW: Quicktheme support for customizing dock separator color.
  • NEW: Move all dock related settings to their own group in the settings.
  • NEW: Line style dock separator (Settings -> Dock -> Style).
  • NEW: Support for up to five scrolling dock pages (Settings -> Dock -> Pages).
  • NEW: Option for infinite home screen scrolling (Settings -> Desktop -> Home screens -> Infinite screen scrolling).
  • NEW: Layout/settings are backed up via Android's automatic daily backups (requires Android 6.0 or later).
  • NEW: Add 2017 Supporter Badge.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix app icons displaying a random image after that app is updated when using the Icon style setting.
  • FIX: Fix wrong icon display for All Apps shortcuts when using the Icon style setting.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: When importing from existing launchers, ensure the home screen order matches the previous launcher.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Increase number of devices that layouts are imported from, including OnePlus devices.
  • FIX: Fix layout migration screen erroneously displaying again after restoring an SD card/cloud backup.
  • FIX: Fix rare case of Shutter tooltip erroneously displaying subsequent times.
  • FIX: Stability fix for those running the Android 7.1 preview.


  • CHANGE: Only show in-app tooltips when device is displaying English (for now).
  • FIX: Fix issue with old dynamic Quickcut shortcuts incorrectly displaying.
  • FIX: Fix issue with Quickcuts for apps like Google Drive disappearing after a time.
  • FIX: Fix bug with Quickcuts tooltip always displaying for some people running Android 7.1.


  • NEW: Allow importing layouts from Pixel Launcher.
  • FIX: Fix Quickcuts intro tooltip displaying multiple times.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Full support for Android 7.1's dynamic shortcuts via Quickcuts (requires Android 7.1).
  • NEW: Quickcuts, previously a Plus only feature, are now available to all.
  • NEW: Add option to pick the global icon style. Allows one to use traditional icons rather than round icons when using a Pixel phone. Settings -> Display -> Icon style.
  • NEW: When the dock and desktop have the same width, force the icons on the dock to have the exact same size and horizontal position as those on the desktop.
  • NEW: Mimic final Pixel Launcher style All Apps. Notable changes include the app list displaying beneath the navigation bar and the use of full color.
  • NEW: When opening the Pixel style All Apps drawer opens via a dock swipe, the speed it opens at is based on the speed of the swipe.
  • NEW: When using Pixel style All Apps, swiping on the dock with two fingers will trigger All Apps search (with the keyboard on screen).
  • NEW: Long pressing the caret page indicator triggers Quickfind (aka All Apps with the keyboard on screen).
  • NEW: Completely revamped settings. Out with the teal, in with the Pixel blue!
  • NEW: Remove 5 second delay when KustomLiveWallpaper loads apps.
  • NEW: Add tooltips to help new users discover and understand Shutters and Quickcuts.
  • NEW: Add setting for disabling all tooltips. Settings -> Help -> In-app tips.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • CHANGE: Pixel Launcher related settings such as All Apps and folder style use "Pixel" name rather than "Nougat".
  • FIX: When closing a Quickcut in a folder via an outside tap, close only the Quickcut, not the folder also.
  • FIX: Fix a shortcut being converted back to a Quickcut after Quickcuts were disabled for that shortcut.
  • FIX: Quickcut for jumping to Twitter's Direct Messages works again.
  • FIX: Can't swipe shortcuts whilst All Apps is opening.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: If a Quickcut icon can't be loaded for whatever reason (such as the Google App), the widget picker will use the app's icon. This also means such icons can be dragged to the desktop from the widget picker.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Increase width of Quickcuts panel for shortcuts using longish text labels.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add "Check again" button to the Quickcuts info dialog. Tapping this will force the app to check all installed apps for those with Quickcuts support. Intended to help developers adding Quickcuts support to their apps.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add a shadow to the date widget.
  • CHANGE: Quickcuts don't currently work Android for Work app variants, thus have been disabled. This will be investigated further when Android 7.1 releases.
  • FIX: Fix slight snap that occurred as Quickcut icons are placed/moved on the desktop.
  • FIX: Fix a bug with the loading of Quickcuts that prevented certain apps not working.
  • FIX: Quickcuts can be opened via double-tap.
  • FIX: Tapping empty space when using the action bar Quickbar type no longer triggers a search.
  • FIX: Prevent home screen moving during a Quickcut swipe 'n select motion.
  • FIX: Stability fixes when applying a wallpaper.


  • NEW: Add new Google Pill widget variant which displays a voice search button.
  • FIX: Stability fix for Lenovo devices running Android 4.4.2.


  • NEW: Introducing Quickcuts, which bring Android 7.1's Launcher Shortcuts to earlier versions of Android! Usage is simple: just swipe a Quickcut icon to see all the available shortcuts. Works for any apps that define Android 7.1's Launcher Shortcuts. Currently this is limited to selection of Google's apps including Play Music, Play Movies and Photos.
  • NEW: Bundle some Quickcut configurations for a few known apps such as YouTube, Twitter and Gmail.
  • NEW: Place Android 7.1's Launcher Shortcuts on your desktop like a normal widget shortcut.
  • NEW: Expand Quickedit to allow selecting whether a shortcut is a Quickcut, Shutter or normal shortcut.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Group all folder, Cover, Quickcut and Shutter related settings in a dedicated section of the settings.


  • NEW: Option to use Android 7.1/Pixel Launcher's round icons (Settings -> Display -> Prioritize round icons). Works for all Android versions!
  • NEW: Add in-built Pixel Launcher icon pack (Settings -> Display -> Icon pack -> Pixel Launcher).
  • NEW: If an app has a round icon, display that icon on Quickedit's icon suggestion panel.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Smartsize improvements. Duo and Netflix are noteworthy examples of icons that are now much improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • CHANGE: All "Nexus Launcher" references changed to "Pixel Launcher".
  • FIX: Font selection works again.
  • FIX: Fix icon pack issue where certain icons would sometimes not clip correctly.
  • FIX: Fix Google Pill and/or Date widget being deleted upon an app restart when using overlapping widgets.
  • FIX: Fix action bar shadow not displaying after closing All Apps.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update some FAQ answers.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Add dedicated setting to help people find the Nexus Launcher related features. This setting can be removed by pressing the "X" button.
  • FIX: Fix dock tint displaying when using a dark/black wallpaper.
  • FIX: Fix action bar displaying in full white when it should have been transparent.
  • FIX: Text in snackbars is no longer truncated.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Improve discoverability of Google Pill and Date widgets in the widget list.
  • FIX: Fix crash attempting to load shortcuts to SD card files on Android 7.0. For security reasons, Android prevents such shortcuts from loading when running Nougat or later. Apps creating such shortcuts will have to change how they create such shortcuts.
  • FIX: Fix issue where Shutters/folders could remain open when swiping to open Nougat style All Apps.
  • FIX: Fix rare case of Material Light/black colors not being marked as selected when opening Quicktheme's color picker dialog.
  • FIX: Fix settings text being clipped in certain languages.


  • FIX: Fix issue with Quicktheme colors occasionally being wiped after an app restart and/or a wallpaper change.
  • FIX: The white dock Quicktheme color is correctly preserved when changing wallpapers.
  • FIX: Fix case where Quickdrawer/Quickpage would incorrectly be completely transparent.
  • FIX: Fix dock background occasionally displaying when in overview mode.


  • FIX: Folder background no longer displays beneath Covers when using the Legacy folder type.
  • FIX: Fix wrong folder name sometimes displaying when opening a Nougat style folder type.
  • FIX: Google Pill and Date widgets can be placed in a Shutter.


  • NEW: Revamped All Apps panel, based on the rumoured Nexus Launcher. If enabled, swiping up on the dock will reveal All Apps (Settings -> App drawers -> Style -> Nougat).
  • NEW: Add two new Nougat inspired folder presets (Settings -> Desktop -> Folder style). Requires Android 4.4 or later.
  • NEW: Quicktheme support to customize the color of folder icons (Settings -> Quicktheme -> Folder icon background).
  • NEW: Add tinted dock background with full color customization via Quicktheme (Settings -> Quicktheme -> Dock background).
  • NEW: Option for caret (^) style page indicator (Settings -> Desktop -> Home screen indicators).
  • NEW: Add rumored Google "pill" widget.
  • NEW: Add rumored Nexus Launcher style Date widget, which can be configured to load a custom app.
  • NEW: When setting a wallpaper on Android 7.0, you can select whether the wallpaper applies to the lock screen, home screen or both.
  • NEW: The wallpaper picker app can be configured (Settings -> Shortcuts -> Wallpaper picker app).
  • NEW: Add "Marshmallow (Beta)" All Apps style (Settings -> App drawers -> Style -> Marshmallow (Beta)).
  • NEW: Layout backups can be saved to/loaded from apps like Google Drive (requires Android 4.4 or later).
  • CHANGE: Group some rarely used Desktop settings in an expandable "Advanced" group.
  • FIX: Fix low-res icons sometimes displaying in All Apps/folders after using Quickedit to edit a label but not an icon.
  • FIX: Fix issue going back to Action Launcher via Home button from landscape when running Android 7.0.
  • FIX: "Action 3 Settings" appears in app drawers when running Android 7.0.
  • FIX: Long pressing the dock enters overview mode.
  • FIX: Fix issue where uninstalling an app that was in the most loaded row would cause an empty slot to display.
  • FIX: If configured, opening Settings via the button on the overview bar will use the Reveal animation (requires Android 6.0).
  • FIX: Fix rare crash attempting to load Display settings after restoring a backup created with a more recent Android version.
  • FIX: Ensure correct text color is applied when dragging Shutter shortcut into an open folder.
  • FIX: Fix visual artifact on certain icons when app boots on Jelly Bean.
  • FIX: Stability fix when loading widget previews when the device is running low on memory.
  • FIX: Fix issue with Quickpage not re-opening after loading an app via the Quickpage whilst using the Action bar.
  • FIX: Fix red status bar briefly displaying when app boots on large Android 7.0 tablets.
  • FIX: The T9 Quickfind option works again.
  • FIX: All Apps search box cursor only blinks when entering text.


  • FIX: All Apps scroll bar color updates correctly as All Apps background color changes are applied.
  • FIX: Widget picker scroll bar popup no longer intermittently uses a white background.
  • FIX: Android for Work badge displays on icons when using an icon pack and/or dynamic calendar icons (Hi Mr. Grouchnikov!).
  • FIX: Fix issue with Android for Work shortcuts intermittently not displaying the for Work badge (Hi Mr. Koch!).


  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add legacy Play Magazines icon to in-built Marshmallow icon pack.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add FAQ question about the 3.8 update's removal of the horizontal All Apps option.
  • FIX: "Uninstall" shortcut displays when dragging existing Shutter items.
  • FIX: Fix red status bar briefly displaying when app boots on Android 7.0.
  • FIX: Status bar no longer displays beneath Quickbar on Quicktheme preview.
  • FIX: Fix alignment of Settings -> App Drawers -> Remember position dialog items.
  • FIX: Fix intermittent crash when the app boots while the screen is being touched.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Stability improvement when restoring the app from a previous session.
  • FIX: Stability improvement when using Quickfind.
  • FIX: Stability improvement exiting widget resize mode.
  • FIX: Stability improvements for Nubia devices.
  • FIX: Fix rare crash when dragging widgets on certain devices.
  • FIX: Fix rare crash loading/editing the Shortcuts settings.
  • FIX: Fix a handful of extremely rare issues that could cause the app to not successfully boot.
  • FIX: Various other misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Improved stability loading the widget picker when device is running low on memory.
  • FIX: Stability fixes editing the Quickbar when running Android 4.4 or below.
  • FIX: All Apps crash when Quickfind found no apps on certain OEM devices running Android 4.4 or below.
  • FIX: Fix crash booting the app that impacted only S6/Note 5 devices.
  • FIX: Fix Samsung-specific crash attempting to drag icons.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes that slipped through beta testing.


  • NEW: Update base code to Android 6.0.1's Launcher3 code. Notable usability enhancements include the addition of fast scroll in the All Apps drawer, a much improved widget picker and infinite paged folders and more. This base code upgrade also sees a year's worth of Google's bug and stability and performance fixes.
  • NEW: Can select pure black color via Quicktheme.
  • NEW: Option to disable the Quickdrawer (Settings -> App drawers -> Quickdrawer).
  • NEW: Option for enabling dark icons on the status bar (Settings -> Display -> Dark status bar icons). Note: requires Android 6.0 or later.
  • NEW: Option to enable overlapping widgets (Settings -> Desktop -> Overlapping widgets).
  • NEW: When dragging existing Home screen items, display Edit and Uninstall shortcuts.
  • NEW: Add shortcut to jump straight to the system's device storage browser (requires Android 6.0 or later).
  • NEW: Add shortcut to trigger a music search (via Google App).
  • NEW: Add shortcut to jump to weather forecast (via Google App).
  • NEW: Add shortcut to jump to the settings via the System Settings -> Apps -> Action 3 app page (requires Android 7.0).
  • NEW: Added old material design versions of Google Play apps to in-built icon pack.
  • NEW: Option to enable Google Now integration (Alpha). Note: REQUIRES ROOT. Please see FAQ for full details. Option will appear in Settings -> Desktop -> Google Now integration (Alpha) for rooted devices only.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduced app's memory usage. Especially apparent when using an Icon Pack and/or Smartsize icons.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Samsung Knox support.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Engaging Quickedit with many icon packs installed is both much faster and more reliable.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Support icon packs that use vector drawables.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Use high-res Google icon on the Quickbar.
  • FIX: Importing from TouchWiz's launcher works when running Marshmallow.
  • FIX: Fix alignment of text/icon on Hidden apps dialog.
  • FIX: Newly installed apps will apply the current icon pack's icon.
  • FIX: Don't display Shutters on Quickedit when Shutters are disabled.
  • FIX: Countless other stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix rare bug where app would crash when attempting to open the Quickbar settings.


  • IMPROVEMENT: When selecting images from external sources, only display the icon cropper for images larger than 256x256.
  • FIX: Fix issue with certain icon packs not applying via Settings.
  • FIX: When cropping images, alpha pixels no longer turn black.
  • FIX: Fix issue whereby occasionally some icons in an icon pack failed to draw when using Smartsize.
  • FIX: Fix case where Quickedit failed to display App Info, Uninstall & Play Store shortcut buttons for certain items.
  • FIX: Fix Quickedit uninstall icon sometimes displaying at the wrong color.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Locking desktop no longer requires Plus upgrade.
  • FIX: Icon packs apply via 3rd party apps.
  • FIX: Crash attempting to select items after pressing hardware menu button on legacy devices.
  • FIX: Change log displays correctly on Android 4.x.


  • NEW: Introducing Quickedit, a brand new way of editing icons. Pick up & put down the icon, then watch as suggestions from your icon packs are automatically presented to you. No more digging around in all your icon packs to see which has the best looking icon for a particular app!
  • NEW: Quickedit contains shortcuts to uninstall an app, view the system info for the app and view the app in the Play Store.
  • NEW: Smartsize icons (Beta): marvel as your icons are automatically resized to match Material Design's recommended icon size.
  • NEW: Automatically change Google Calendar app icon to match the current day of the month (configurable via Settings -> Display -> Day-themed calendar icons).
  • NEW: Support Marshmallow's permission system.
  • NEW: When running Android 6.0 or later, use Marshmallow's reveal app open animation by default.
  • NEW: In-built icon pack for Marshmallow-themed icons for system apps.
  • NEW: When selecting an image from a gallery app to use as an icon, the image can be cropped and/or resized.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Use of icon packs no longer requires Plus upgrade.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Completely overhauled icon picker, especially related to the grouping of icons.
  • IMPROVEMENT: When changing an icon/label for a shortcut, the icon/label changes will automatically be applied to that item in the All Apps/Quickdrawer (and vice-versa).
  • IMPROVEMENT: When editing an icon whilst using an icon pack, can now quickly select the icon's stock icon as well as the icon pack's default icon for that app.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduce gap between icons and icon text when using Smartsize icons.
  • IMPROVEMENT: All widgets can be resized to be as small as you desire (the widget's recommended size be damned!).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update wallpaper picker to match Marshmallow styling.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Use updated Google logo/colors on Quickbar when in landscape on phones/7" tablets.
  • FIX: Fix issue caused by pressing Back multiple times when the widget picker is displaying.
  • FIX: Dynamic calendar icons change each day when using icons from an icon pack.
  • FIX: When dragging an item from All Apps/Quickdrawer that has a custom icon set, that custom icon will be used for the new shortcut.
  • FIX: Items in All Apps/Quickdrawer with custom icons set no longer see their custom icon temporarily reverted to the stock icon when the app updates.
  • FIX: Fix issue where removing a Shutter from a shortcut would force the icon back to its default icon.
  • FIX: Fix no icon displaying on the Edit icon dialog when selecting "Icon default" when customizing All Apps/Quickdrawer items.
  • FIX: Fix the wrong Quicktheme colors sometimes being applied when the wallpaper changes.
  • FIX: Quickfind works when searching for items with names made up of multiple words.


  • FIX: Fix color of icons on Quickbar intro screen when running on Marshmallow.
  • FIX: Misc. bug fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Fix being able to enter overview mode when desktop is locked.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Wallpaper changer uses Action 3's logo and unique text to prevent it using the same icon/text as Now Launcher.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • FIX: Add shadow to Quicktheme preview when using the Action bar, Quickdrawer or Quickpage.
  • FIX: Quickbar settings preview updates correctly when toggling Quickdrawer on/off when using Android 4.x.
  • FIX: Quickbar settings preview displays correctly with a Material Light background when using Marshmallow.
  • FIX: Action bar shadow incorrectly displaying when using the transparent background after opening All Apps.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • FIX: Shadow incorrectly displaying when using a Quickbar type of None.


  • IMPROVEMENT: More reliable importing from other launchers, including adding placeholder widgets for any found widgets.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add shadow to the Action bar.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Freshen up dividers in Settings to more closely match Material Design guidelines.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add Help -> Check purchase to help track down purchase verification errors.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • FIX: Translations display for Quickbar items.
  • FIX: Auto-creation of Shutters.
  • FIX: Quickbar displaying after exiting the Settings via back button.
  • FIX: Quickbar no longer fades on screen when returning to the app.
  • FIX: Google+ Quickbar icon.
  • FIX: Ensure app exits long press mode after dragging from the Quickdrawer to a full dock/Quickpage.
  • FIX: Background color of dialogs when running Marshmallow or later.
  • FIX: Crash some people were getting when changing the wallpaper on Marshmallow.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Can select colored mic icon for Quickbar when editing icon.
  • IMPROVEMENT: App loads faster (especially on devices with lots of apps).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • FIX: Ensure wallpaper is correctly centered when applying an image from the camera roll/Documents list.
  • FIX: When using a scrolling wallpaper with 2 or 3 home screens, position the wallpaper around the center of the image rather than the left edge.
  • FIX: When not using a scrolling wallpaper, or when only have 1 active home screen, ensure wallpaper is perfectly centered.
  • FIX: Set wallpaper position when the app boots. Previously the app sometimes inherited the wallpaper position based on where another launcher left it.
  • FIX: Misc. memory leak/stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Update translations.
  • FIX: Quickfind results display correctly in the event a new app is installed on the device.
  • FIX: Fix rare case where "No apps found" message would display over the top of the apps list when using Quickfind.
  • FIX: Fix rare case where the top row of most used apps failed display.
  • FIX: Fix All Apps text color when going to/from Material Light.
  • FIX: Fix All Apps items with long names being too close to the background edge.
  • FIX: Fix FAQ.
  • FIX: App behaves correctly with using a right-to-left language.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Stability/performance fixes.


  • FIX: Upgrading from Action 3.5.4 when Google logo was hidden from Quickbar.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Introducing Quickfind! Filter and load apps at lightning speed!
  • NEW: Instantly engage Quickfind by swiping/double tapping the All Apps icon.
  • NEW: Use either your standard or T9 (predictive text) keyboard with Quickfind.
  • NEW: When using Quickfind, tapping the keyboard's "Go" key will load the first search result, allowing you to load apps quickly without reaching away from the keyboard (handy for large phones).
  • NEW: Apps that have been manually hidden can be quickly retrieved via Quickfind.
  • NEW: Add Quickfind to the widget picker, allowing you to filter widgets by name.
  • NEW: Quickfind can be used as a shortcut action.
  • NEW: Allow a single row of the most frequently loaded apps to display at the top of the All Apps page.
  • NEW: Use the new Google logo on the Quickbar. Pick between single colored and multi-colored variants of the new logo, as well as the the old Google logo.
  • NEW: Add Quickbar preset for colored variants of Google search logo and voice search icon.
  • NEW: Support dynamic calendar API, enabling apps such as Today Calendar to specify a unique icon for each day of the month.
  • NEW: Icon packs use dynamic calendar icons (if available in the icon pack).
  • NEW: Pick from 12 transition effects when moving between Home screens.
  • NEW: Initial translation support for more than a dozen languages available.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Use any applicable icon pack shaders.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Quickbar uses new Google logo by default.
  • IMPROVEMENT: All Apps defaults to using a vertical grid with Quickfind.
  • FIX: Ensure app behaves correctly when using Android's Battery Saver mode.
  • FIX: All Apps/Quickdrawer icon not displaying correctly when adding via the widgets pane.
  • FIX: A host of stability/misc. bug fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated translations.
  • FIX: Fix case where strings from the non-current language would occasionally display.
  • FIX: Ensure lengthy text displays correctly in the settings. An issue with certain languages like German.


  • NEW: Initial (alpha) translations for a handful of languages.
  • NEW: A link on how to help translate/localize the app. Settings -> Frequently Asked Questions -> Can I help translate...
  • FIX: App behaves correctly when Developer options -> Animator duration scale is turned off.


  • NEW: Allow 3rd party apps to specify an icon to display in the Quickbar.
  • CHANGE: Place only an All Apps shortcut in the dock upon fresh install/import rather than a Cover with All Apps and Quickdrawer shortcuts.
  • FIX: When applying icons packs, icons no longer display at lower resolutions on certain devices.
  • FIX: When picking individual icons from the gallery, icons no longer display at lower resolutions on certain devices.
  • FIX: All Apps panel opens to the exact same height as the Quickbar on phones.


  • FIX: Disable right-to-left text functionality until the app fully supports it.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Introducing the Quickbar! You can now customize the search bar/action bar with apps, shortcuts, folders and more!
  • NEW: Add shortcuts to Manage apps and Battery usages. Can be used on for customizable Shortcuts and on the Quickbar.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Adjust size/position of Google logo in the search bar to match latest Google App.
  • CHANGE: Settings -> Shortcuts -> Global search mode has been removed. This functionality can of course still be configured, but now must be done so via the Quickbar.
  • FIX: Fix issue where some shortcuts such as Google Inbox and Swarm would display the incorrect icon.
  • FIX: Stability fix when changing wallpaper on Galaxy S6.
  • FIX: No longer display Edit option when dragging widgets/shortcuts to a Home screen.


  • CHANGE: Remove vibrate when Action bar/Search bar item is tapped.
  • FIX: Menu items intermittently appearing multiple times in the overflow menu when using the Action bar.
  • FIX: Quickpage color displays correctly in Quicktheme settings.


  • CHANGE: Tablet sized widgets can be placed on phones. Whether they display correctly is of course dependent on the widget itself.
  • FIX: Some of Samsung's widgets not appearing in widget list on the S6 (reported by +Phil Nickinson).
  • FIX: Quickdrawer incorrectly opening after swiping to open Quickpage (and vice-versa).
  • FIX: Icon scale preview displays correctly when previous scale was less than 100%.
  • FIX: If status bar has been hidden via a Shortcut toggle, the status bar will remain hidden when rotating the device.
  • FIX: Fix obscure case of desktop screens being deleted, forcing people to repopulate their layout.
  • FIX: Importing layouts from Samsung's Android 5.x launcher.
  • FIX: Certain shortcut icons displaying as the green 'no icon' droid image when importing from Nova.
  • FIX: Dock items not importing correctly from Nova 3.x.


  • NEW: App is now much more generous with customizations that are unlocked for non-Plus users. Quicktheme and customizable shortcuts aside, >70% of all customizations are unlocked.
  • NEW: Option for a vertically scrolling All Apps/widgets list (Settings -> App drawers -> All Apps -> Style).
  • NEW: Customize All Apps grid size and icon scale (Settings -> App drawers -> All Apps).
  • NEW: Edit the icons and labels of apps in the All Apps/Quickdrawer (Pick up -> drag onto Edit button).
  • NEW: Option to configure the font. Pick from 5 Roboto variants (Settings -> Display -> Font).
  • NEW: Edit the labels of Shutters/app shortcuts (Pick up & put down icon -> Edit).
  • NEW: Quickly hide desktop shortcuts from app drawers (Pick up & put down icon -> Edit).
  • NEW: Option to hide the status bar (Settings -> Display -> Status bar).
  • NEW: Add shortcut action for toggling the status bar on/off.
  • NEW: Option to specify all new folders be created as Covers (Settings -> Desktop -> Auto-Covers).
  • NEW: Option to select All Apps/Quickdrawer sort mode (Settings -> App drawers).
  • NEW: Option to disable Quickdrawer letter shortcuts (Settings -> App drawers -> Quickdrawer -> Letter shortcuts).
  • NEW: Option for All Apps/Quickdrawer/widget picker to always/never load to the previous position (Settings -> App drawers -> Remember position).
  • IMPROVEMENT: When importing from other launchers, preserve an item's grid position/screen.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Remove empty padding beneath icon when icon labels are hidden.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Action 3 Settings shortcut can be hidden from app drawers like any other app.
  • FIX: Home screens use maximum available space in Landscape mode on phones/7" tablets. Also no longer partially draw beneath the dock.
  • FIX: Home screens/dock no longer draw beneath the Action bar in landscape mode on phones/7" tablets.
  • FIX: Incorrect Action bar height in landscape mode on phones.
  • FIX: Infinite folder contents sometimes being clipped when using a custom grid size.
  • FIX: Fix positioning of Snackbar when rotating device.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix Quickpage not opening via an edge swipe after a time.


  • FIX: Stability fix importing layouts from other launchers.


  • NEW: Live wallpaper API support, enabling Quicktheme to reliably work with live wallpaper apps. For an example of this in action, check out the excellent Minima Pro.
  • NEW: Shortcuts & gestures (Settings -> Shortcuts) both expanded and fully customizable. Gestures supported include: single/double/triple tap Home button; double/triple tap empty space; swipe up single/two fingers; swipe down single/two fingers; swipe left screen edge/swipe leftmost Home screen/swipe right screen edge/swipe rightmost Home screen; and pinch in/out.
  • NEW: Ability to configure action taken by a gesture. Actions include load an app, load a shortcut, toggle All Apps, toggle Quickdrawer, toggle Quickpage, open Action 3 settings, display overview mode, lock/unlock desktop, lock device, open recents, open notifications, open text search and open voice search.
  • NEW: When searching, use Google search box overlay instead of switching into the Google app. Can be changed via Settings -> Shortcuts -> Global search mode.
  • NEW: As requested, an additional Donate option has been added for people who are so inclined (Settings -> Help -> Donate).
  • NEW: Animate to/from the All Apps background color when opening/closing All Apps (requires Android 5.0 or later).
  • NEW: Home screen indicators updated to match Android 5.1's style.
  • NEW: Allow importing of Action 3 layouts by other launchers. Thanks Kevin from Nova for the prod here.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Gesture detection works over icons as well as empty space.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Shortcuts to open notification panel works on Samsung devices running Android 5.x (requires granting access to the Accessibility system unfortunately).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Size and positioning of Google search widget perfectly matches with the Google app on tablets.
  • IMPROVEMENT: "Remove Shutter" option is available both when picking up and putting down a Shutter and from the overflow menu.
  • CHANGE: No longer default to opening Google Now when swiping right on leftmost Home screen. This option can be configured via Settings -> Shortcuts -> Leftmost Home screen -> App -> Google.
  • CHANGE: Increase default double/triple tap delay to 275 milliseconds.
  • FIX: Use light touch effect when Up button is pressed in Settings.
  • FIX: If a Shutter/folder is open on the Quickpage, don't close Shutter/folder and Quickpage with the same swipe gesture.
  • FIX: Fix behavior oddities when changing settings via the "Action 3 Settings" All Apps item.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Settings can be used in landscape mode on a phone.
  • FIX: Fix some Settings dialogs not scrolling.
  • FIX: All Apps background sometimes being reset to white after an app uninstall.
  • FIX: When using Quickdrawer letter shortcuts, first item no longer partially displays beneath the status bar.


  • FIX: Crash attempting to initiate voice search when using Open app anim mode of System default on Android 4.x.


  • NEW: Quickpage, a fully-featured Home screen accessed from right screen edge (Settings -> Layout -> Quickpage).
  • NEW: Quicktheme supports customizing the Quickpage appearance.
  • NEW: Icon scaling (Settings -> Display -> Icon scale).
  • NEW: Settings and layout can be backed up and restored to and from a device's storage (Settings -> Backup and import).
  • NEW: Option to change the transition animation used when loading apps (Settings -> Display -> Open app animation).
  • NEW: When using Android 4.x, app defaults to using the "slide up" open app animation.
  • NEW: Material design themed dialogs, checkboxes, switches, sliders, etc., when using Android 4.x.
  • NEW: The default Home screen can be changed (long press empty space on a Home screen -> tap the Favorite icon).
  • NEW: Option to lock desktop (Settings -> Layout -> Lock desktop).
  • NEW: Option to hide page indicators (Settings -> Layout -> Home screen indicators).
  • NEW: Option to disable opening Quickdrawer via swipe (Settings -> Shortcuts -> Quickdrawer).
  • NEW: Option to disable the screen edge shadow (Settings -> Display -> Screen edge shadow).
  • NEW: Activity picker (Long press -> Widgets -> Activities).
  • NEW: Option to disable Shutters (Settings -> Display -> Shutters).
  • CHANGE: Quickdrawer scrolls beneath the status bar rather than using its own tinted quasi-status bar (requires Android 4.4 or later).
  • CHANGE: Settings uses switches instead of checkboxes.
  • CHANGE: Quickdrawer/Quickpage automatically close after a few seconds.
  • CHANGE: Quickdrawer/Quickpage can't be opened when in All Apps and/or long press mode.
  • CHANGE: Zoom out to show adjacent Home screens when an existing icon/widget is picked up (matches experience when dragging from Quickdrawer/All Apps).
  • CHANGE: Hide the Infinite folders setting for Plus users (functionality is now always enabled).
  • FIX: Wallpaper/icon images applied correctly from 3rd party apps that point Action Launcher directly to a file's location on the SD card.
  • FIX: Hidden apps no longer re-appear in Quickpage/All Apps.
  • FIX: Widget resize outline bounces back to the nearest grid position.
  • FIX: Exit zoomed out mode when dragging a shortcut onto the App info helper.
  • FIX: Shutters/Covers/folders open correctly when animation scale has been changed to .5x in System Settings -> Developer options.
  • FIX: Introduction screens can be scrolled.


  • CHANGE: All Apps grid size uses system default (if one exists). Fixes Nexus 6 All Apps grid size.


  • FIX: Newly installed apps use the icon from the current icon pack (if one is found).
  • FIX: Disable gesture shortcuts when in screen management mode.
  • FIX: Don't display "App is not installed" message when swiping to open Google Now if Google Now is not installed.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Add method of sending a list of the apps on the device to Support (Settings -> Help -> Advanced -> Send app list to Support). Helps pinpoint issues you are having when support requests are made.
  • FIX: Fix potential crash when scrolling through widget list (thanks @rcbjr2 for the bug report).


  • NEW: Add Settings -> Help -> Advanced section.
  • NEW: Add option to include an email address in crash reports (Settings -> Help -> Advanced -> Include email in crash reports). Helps pinpoint issues you are having when support requests are made.
  • CHANGE: Reduce size of Play Store icon on Action bar.
  • FIX: Action bar's overflow icon no longer tints to a dark color when returning from the Settings on Android 4.4 and below.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: If app is unable to fetch wallpaper due to device memory constraints, display "Reload" snackbar.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Default icons re-appearing on dock.
  • FIX: Uninstalling an app no longer causes All Apps menu to open automatically.
  • FIX: Stability fix when attempting to change an icon to a picture from the gallery.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Zoom out to show multiple Home screen pages when dragging from the Quickdrawer.
  • FIX: Icon outline displays when dragging from Quickdrawer.
  • FIX: Pressing the Home button will always close the Quickdrawer if it is open (rather than first jumping back to the default Home screen).
  • FIX: Fix issue configuring a widget when the app has not been granted permission to automatically create widgets.
  • FIX: Stability fix when attempting to buy an upgrade in a region that Google Play doesn't yet support.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: The "Wallpaper change detected. Apply new colors?" prompt no longer displays. Instead, custom color selections from the previous wallpaper are automatically and intelligently mapped based on the updated wallpaper's colors.
  • FIX: Translucent status bar color being overridden when changing wallpapers while using the Action bar.
  • FIX: Uninstall option appears when dragging a Shutter from Quickdrawer/All Apps.
  • FIX: Stability fix when changing icon.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: The Delete/Info helper bar displays when Top Control Mode is set to None.
  • CHANGE: Change how Shutters are removed (Pick up & put down icon -> Remove Shutter). No longer required to create a Shutter's widget before removing a Shutter.
  • FIX: Fix inability to configure a Shutter's widget if the widget creation process was previously cancelled for any reason.
  • FIX: Quickdrawer shadow no longer sometimes displays when it shouldn't on devices with software navigation keys.
  • FIX: Fix issue where the top row of pixels would display the wallpaper instead of the colored status bar.


  • FIX: Direct Dial shortcuts work on Samsung devices.
  • FIX: Stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix crash when loading the Display settings when the currently set icon pack is no longer installed.


  • NEW: Icon pack support (Settings -> Display -> Icon pack).
  • NEW: Change individual icons (Pick up & put down icon -> Change icon).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Re-organize settings.
  • FIX: Crash when attempting to apply an icon pack from an external application.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix issue with Custom theme always being set for Plus upgraders.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Add FAQ questions about icon pack support, enabling "Ok Google" voice detection and swiping back to Action Launcher from Google Now.
  • FIX: Fix issue where Cover icon does not display when not displaying text labels.
  • FIX: Fix accuracy of Quickdrawer's letter shortcut tap detection.
  • FIX: Fix case where last item in the Quickdrawer can stay beneath the navigation bar.
  • FIX: Ensure white text is never used in All Apps, Quickdrawer or folders when using Material Light background color.
  • FIX: Ensure folder label never displays when item is in the dock.
  • FIX: Swipe right for Google Now gesture no longer works when in long-press/screen modification mode.
  • FIX: Set app title to "Action 3" for all languages (was erroneously set to "Launcher3" for non-US English locales).


  • FIX: App runs on ART runtime on Android 4.4.
  • FIX: Touch feedback displays when tapping shortcut.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Disable the Shutters introduction, as some are reporting it can't be dismissed.
  • FIX: Crash when importing with the dock disabled.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • Initial release of Action Launcher 3. Everything is new.


  • CHANGE: Bug fix.


  • CHANGE: Stability fix.


  • CHANGE: Rename app to Action Launcher 2: Pro
  • CHANGE: Disable Recents widget when running Android 5.0 or later. Unfortunately the APIs required for this functionality are no longer available.
  • CHANGE: Disable 1-Swipe's Blacklist and Edge glow when running Android 5.0 or later. Unfortunately the APIs required for this functionality are no longer available.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • CHANGE: Quickdrawer/Quickpage default to black rather than Holo dark.
  • FIX: Importing from Google Now launcher.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • FIX: Fix issue where launching an app from the Quickpage would cause search bar to display when returning from that app.
  • FIX: Fix crash when hiding items from the Quickdrawer.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • FIX: Fix issue where Unread Count functionality would not display for certain apps.
  • FIX: Quickdrawer text displays at correct color when running the L Preview.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Calendar unread badge updates each minute.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Don't attempt to fetch SMS/Missed call counts on devices that don't have such hardware.
  • FIX: Fixed connection issues with Unread Count. This functionality is now much more reliable.
  • FIX: Ensure unread badge disappears when there are no more notifications for that app.


  • NEW: Initial Unread Count support (Pro only, requires Unread Count application available for free in the Play Store). Works for missed calls, SMS, Gmail and Calendar.
  • NEW: "Ok, Google" voice activation works (all thanks goes to @MohammadAG). Requires Android 4.4 or later, and must be turned on (Settings -> Shortcuts -> "OK, Google" voice activation).
  • NEW: Double or triple tap empty space on a Home screen to power the screen off.
  • NEW: Option to enable Roboto Condensed (Settings -> Display -> More... -> Roboto Condensed).
  • NEW: More fine-grained control over where icon text labels display (Settings -> Display -> More... -> Icon text labels).
  • NEW: Option to disable drawing of Cover/Shutter indicators (Settings -> Display -> More... -> Cover/Shutter indicators).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Icon scale can be configured for items on Home screens, Dock, Quickpage and Folders (previously was only applied on Home screens).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Display app icon shortcuts on Settings menus that require you to select apps (Hidden apps, 1-Swipe blacklist, etc.).
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • CHANGE: Clean up Settings.
  • CHANGE: Move FAQ to front page of the Settings to improve its visibility.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Dragging items onto each other to create a folder is easier when using a large icon scale.
  • IMPROVEMENT: If an item is dragged onto the right screen edge and the right-most Home screen is currently displaying, open the Quickpage so the item may be placed there.
  • FIX: Shutters and Covers/folders no longer have their contents clipped when opened on the Quickpage.
  • FIX: Fix issue where certain widgets would not appear in the widget list when using a small Home screen grid size.
  • FIX: Fix bug related to turning a shortcut into a Shutter in a folder. This nasty issue both caused stale folder layouts to be displayed in 1-Swipe mode, and in some cases, a crash.
  • FIX: Fix issue where selecting "Create Shutter" from the item popup menu would sometimes not launch the widget picker.
  • FIX: Layout displays correctly in landscape mode on phones when the "Toggle action bar" shortcut is enabled.
  • FIX: Fix the Search bar such that it displays only on the current Home screen in landscape mode on phones and 7" tablets (rather than also displaying over the top portion of the dock).
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • NEW: Allow importing from ADWLauncher EX.
  • IMPROVEMENT: When importing from another launcher, add a placeholder widgets to the imported layout that can be configured for use in Action Launcher with one tap.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update the FAQ.
  • FIX: When importing a layout from another launcher, ensure the dock is enabled if that layout has items on the dock.
  • FIX: When importing a layout from Google Launcher, don't leave an empty space on the dock where the All Apps button would reside.
  • FIX: The Quickpage auto populates after importing a layout.
  • FIX: Always use Android 4.4 style dock separator when importing a new layout.
  • FIX: Icon packs can be applied from external apps.
  • FIX: Correctly resize Cover icons when dragging them to and from the dock and a home screen page.
  • FIX: Hide 1-Swipe "Debug drawing" preference. This option was for beta users only, and should not have made it into the public release.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • NEW: Allow importing from ADW.Launcher.
  • IMPROVEMENT: When the Pro key is first detected, display a giant button that when pressed will enable the Pro features.
  • FIX: Fix issue causing the Quickdrawer not to be updated as apps are installed/uninstalled.
  • FIX: All dialogs that display via the Settings can be scrolled. Fixes items not being accessible on devices with smaller screens.
  • FIX: Android 4.4 dots indicator does not display if there is only a single home screen page.
  • FIX: Add a shadow to the Quicksearch text. Search entry displays on white backgrounds.
  • FIX: Fix crash attempting to load an internal app via the Recents widget (caused issues on Sony devices).
  • FIX: Update the Recents widget when apps are uninstalled from the system.
  • FIX: Fix crash attempting to load an app via the Recents widget that is unable to be loaded.
  • FIX: Remove Holo blue from action bar on Tutorial.
  • FIX: Don't display Pro logo on Tutorial.


  • NEW: Quickpage (beta) - a fully featured home screen accessed by swiping from the right screen edge.
  • NEW: 1-Swipe (beta) - access the Quickdrawer or Quickpage from anywhere, whether you're running Action Launcher or not.
  • NEW: Android 4.4 support.
  • NEW: Translucent status bar and navigation bar (requires Android 4.4).
  • NEW: Add option to select between the transparent action bar, clear action bar, stock search bar or nothing.
  • NEW: Add option to specify Portrait, Landscape or Auto-rotate screen orientation.
  • NEW: Add Activity picker shortcut.
  • NEW: Rewrote icon scaling. No longer do icons appear smaller than they should when using a larger grid size.
  • NEW: Update look and feel of highlights, glows and UI elements to match Android 4.4 (all devices).
  • NEW: Add option to use Android 4.4's 'dots' style dock separator.
  • NEW: Use Android 4.4's new All Apps button and Settings theme.
  • NEW: Use Android 4.4 themed image highlights for the current Quickdrawer tab and Home screen page.
  • NEW: Add "Alternative wallpaper height" Labs setting for people running Android 4.3 or earlier.
  • NEW: If a shortcut for an app is not installed, flash an interactive toast message allowing the user to jump to the Play Store to install the app. Useful for people restoring an SD card backup on a device that does not have the app installed on it.
  • NEW: Layouts can be imported from Google Home.
  • NEW: Add FAQ to Help menu.
  • NEW: Add "Use full screen height" option to "Screen padding" setting. If enabled, do not adjust the usable screen size for the translucent navigation bar height (requires Android 4.4).
  • NEW: Beta release of a Holo Light background option for the Quickdrawer.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Change the Quickdrawer animation so that the page gives the appearance of sliding onscreen.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Quickdrawer can be swiped closed by swiping on the Quickdrawer itself.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Quickdrawer and Quickpage edge shadow displays on the outside of the drawer.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Stability fixes when running the new ART Android runtime.
  • IMPROVEMENT: If "Toggle action bar" setting is enabled and the action bar is currently hidden, the action bar will display when opening the Quickpage.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Ensure the text labels for Shutters/Covers/folders display at the same height as the text labels for shortcuts.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Display the transparent status bar Labs option for all TouchWiz devices running Android 4.2 or above.
  • FIX: Icon text doesn't clip at small grid sizes and/or in landscape mode.
  • FIX: Clamp maximum scale applied to an icon to prevent it clipping.
  • FIX: The action bar will display if the "Toggle action bar" shortcut is set to false when the action bar is currently hidden.
  • FIX: Fix issued where swiping the Quickdrawer closed on a letter index would cause the letter index to display next time the Quickdrawer was opened.
  • FIX: Set correct defaults for Check box settings. Fixes issues with some values changing from their desired values after the first visit to the Settings on a fresh install.
  • FIX: Fix issue where custom Shutter names were not used when the app restarts.
  • FIX: Can't edit Shutter/Cover name when desktop is locked.
  • FIX: Fix issue where the letter shortcuts would occasionally not display on the Widgets page.
  • FIX: Stability issue removing a Shutter from a folder.
  • FIX: Fix issue where Quickpage apps list would never finish loading.
  • FIX: Correctly update Shutter, Cover and folder icon sizes when dragging to and from the dock and from the Quickdrawer.
  • FIX: When the "Show notification bar" Labs setting is off, increase the height of the Quickdrawer to cater for the extra available space when running Android 4.4.
  • FIX: Fix crash applying certain icon packs with malformed data.
  • FIX: Stability fix triggering search on ICS.
  • FIX: Many misc. stability improvements.


  • NEW: When selecting an icon to change, spawn the icon pack's dedicated icon picker for legacy icon packs.
  • FIX: Selecting an icon from the "Stock Jelly Bean" icon pack option works.


  • NEW: Update the base code from Android 4.1 to 4.3.
  • NEW: Individual icons can be changed.
  • NEW: Notification bar can be hidden (Labs).
  • NEW: Transparent notification bar can be enabled on S4 (Labs).
  • NEW: Trebuchet (aka CyanogenMod's launcher) layouts can be imported.
  • NEW: The dimensions of Home screen pages are calculated dynamically, meaning the app will display correctly on devices of all screen sizes.
  • CHANGE: The size of a widget displayed in a shutter is calculated dynamically, to make better use of the screen size. Shutter widget sizes have also been clamped so as to not draw partially off screen or beneath the action bar on smaller devices.
  • CHANGE: Removed the padding on the left edge of the screen in landscape mode on phones and 7" tablets.
  • CHANGE: Reduced the edge detection when opening the quickdrawer from the non-left most Home screen (to match the Android Design guidelines).
  • CHANGE: When using a large grid size on a small screen, reduce the whitespace between icons before reducing a icon's size.
  • CHANGE: Group the General, Home screen and Dock settings together.
  • CHANGE: The alert dialog that displays when placing widgets on ICS can be hidden.
  • CHANGE: The dock icon size on tablets matches the size introduced in Android 4.2.
  • CHANGE: When the action bar Play Store button is clicked, the load app animation begins from the location of the button click.
  • CHANGE: Improved the accuracy when dragging items on top of each other to create a folder.
  • CHANGE: After restoring an SD card backup, automatically exit the Settings and apply the requested layout.
  • CHANGE: The app no longer writes out to LogCat.
  • OPTIMIZATION: App boot times have been massively improved, and performance stutters during initialization have been ironed out.
  • OPTIMIZATION: The time taken for the app to refresh when the screen is rotated has been greatly reduced.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Fix the lag when returning to Action Launcher from another app.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Resources related to quicksearch are only loaded if/when the user initiates a search. Consequently, quicksearch will no longer consume battery/memory/CPU when users don't use this functionality.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Don't load resources for items that will never display given the current grid size.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Widget previews are loaded in memory only when required.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Widget previews are cached to disk between sessions.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Many misc. global optimizations and an overall reduced memory footprint.
  • FIX: Stability fixes when running Android 4.3.
  • FIX: Fixed widget redraw issues.
  • FIX: Fixed icons disappearing.
  • FIX: Fix DRM message appearing when it shouldn't.
  • FIX: When using a large number of items on the dock on a 10" tablet, icons are no longer cropped.
  • FIX: Swiping a cover no longer opens the folder as well as loading the app.
  • FIX: A great many memory leaks have been quashed.
  • FIX: Home screens display correctly when running custom DPIs.
  • FIX: When in landscape mode on phones, the edge of the right most adjacent Home screen no longer draws beneath the dock.
  • FIX: Rotating the screen on a device with a vertical dock (such as a Nexus 4 or Nexus 7) does not sometimes cause the bottom row of icons to draw off screen.
  • FIX: Pressing the hardware search button will initiate the user's preferred search option (as set in the Shortcuts settings).
  • FIX: Fixed bug where an icon pack would sometimes not be applied.
  • FIX: Picking up an icon and placing it at the same grid location on a different screen no longer displays the Edit popup menu.
  • FIX: If pressing the Home button to dismiss the notifications, recents or settings, don't open the quickdrawer.
  • FIX: The 'no more room in the Hotseat' errors.
  • FIX: Many misc. stability improvements.


  • NEW: System wide optimizations.
  • FIX: Shortcuts always use the icon applied to them by the system. Fixes issue where Tasker shortcuts which were configured to display a certain icon would display with the default icon.
  • FIX: The width of the left edge padding used to open the quickdrawer has been reduced on phones, and now matches Android Design's suggested width.


  • FIX: Fix bug where swiping down on an item in the dock would open a folder and launch the app shortcut.
  • FIX: Allow widgets to be resized to the edges of the screen when using a large grid size on a phone with a minimal horizontal screen margin.
  • FIX: Don't display the 'Create shutter' popup menu option for shutters that have yet to have their widget configured.
  • FIX: If the desktop is locked, don't allow a shutter widget to be to be configured.


  • NEW: If the currently displaying Home screen is full (thus making long pressing an empty space is impossible), display a 'Change wallpaper' option in the action bar's overflow menu.
  • NEW: Add a warning to the widget page alerting the user to the possible absence of some system widgets (non-Nexus devices only). This warning can be permanently hidden, but has been added by default in the hope of preventing negative Play Store reviews for behavior outside of Action Launcher's control.
  • NEW: Free up some resources when the system is running low on memory.
  • CHANGE: When restoring an SD card backup, force all widgets used in shutters to be recreated when the shutter is next opened. This brute force step is unfortunately necessary to ensure widgets display correctly after restoring from a backup.
  • FIX: Swipe up/down shortcuts no longer stop working after a time.
  • FIX: The glow outline that appears when clicking a shortcut correctly encapsulates the full bounds of a shutter or cover.
  • FIX: The app popup menu is available for items inside a folder/cover.
  • FIX: Resizing any widget works correctly.
  • FIX: The button glow no longer sometimes remains on screen when opening a docked cover/shutter.
  • FIX: Fix icon scaling issues when dragging items to and from a folder.
  • FIX: Fix icon scaling issues when dragging items between the dock and a Home screen.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • NEW: Display correctly when the device is configured with non-standard DPI settings (must be enabled in Labs).
  • NEW: Automatically open a shutter after its widget has been changed.
  • FIX: Do not open the notifications/recents list when swiping vertically on a widget.
  • FIX: Fix bug where importing a layout from another launcher could lead to the left most page(s) having no content on them.
  • FIX: 'Create shutter' popup menu functionality works for items that previously were a shutter, but had their shutter removed.
  • FIX: Fix memory leak when removing/changing a shutter's widget.
  • FIX: When importing a layout, graciously handle incompatible future versions of the app.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • CHANGE: If the desktop has been locked, don't automatically install a shortcut for a newly installed app on a Home screen.
  • CHANGE: Change the way the application reloads after settings are changed.
  • FIX: Fixed bug where a portion of the screen would sometimes be redrawn when returning to the app.
  • FIX: Dragging an app out of a folder/cover onto a Home screen no longer leaves the page indicator on indefinitely.
  • FIX: Fix quickdrawer shadow going awry after a time.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • FIX: Preferences are restored correctly when loading an SD card backup.
  • FIX: Shutters created via a long press can correctly be placed in a folder.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • FIX: Many stability improvements.


  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • NEW: The widget displayed on a shutter can be changed by clicking 'Change widget' on the shutter's popup menu.
  • NEW: Any app shortcut can be configured as a shutter, whether that app has a widget or not. Just pick up and put down the shortcut in the same grid location, then select 'Create shutter' from the popup menu.
  • NEW: Shutters are available for Ice Cream Sandwich users. Given ICS's restrictive widget APIs, users are required to select the widget to display in a shutter, but this is better than nothing.
  • NEW: Increase the max grid size to 12x12 for phones and tablets.
  • NEW: Add the ability to scale the size of Home screen icons.
  • NEW: Desktop layouts can be backed up and restored to and from an SD card.
  • NEW: When importing a layout, present an 'SD card backup' import option.
  • NEW: If an SD card backup exists, assume this is a returning user and don't display the tutorial on the app's first run.
  • NEW: Swiping up on a Home screen will reveal the Recents window.
  • NEW: Added a donate option (as requested by multiple people).
  • NEW: Sense layouts can be imported.
  • CHANGE: Reorganize the sections in the settings. Quickdrawer, Home screens, and Dock now all have their own dedicated settings pages.
  • CHANGE: Shutters have graduated out of Labs and into the Display settings group.
  • FIX: Adjusting the grid size no longer radically adjusts the height of the Home screens.
  • FIX: Swiping down to open the notification window works on HTC One devices running Android 4.1.x.
  • FIX: The bundled Stock Jelly Bean icon pack correctly applies for the HTC Phone app.


  • FIX: 'Display edge shadow' works on ICS devices.


  • NEW: Add 'Display edge shadow' setting.
  • CHANGE: Move quickdrawer settings into their own designated settings section.
  • FIX: In the event an icon pack specifies a resource that cannot be loaded, ignore that resource rather than falling back to the stock Android logo.
  • FIX: Clamp an icon pack's scale value between .5f and 2.5f.
  • FIX: Catch OutOfMemory issues when attempting to create a fallback icon for an icon pack.


  • FIX: Shortcuts such as playlists display with the correct icon.


  • NEW: Add 'Set default launcher' option to the settings. This entry will only appear if Action Launcher is not the current default launcher.
  • NEW: Add 'Say thanks' entry to the settings. Clicking it will take you to the Play Store where you can leave a review if you so desire.
  • CHANGE: 'Auto memory cache' setting is on by default.
  • FIX: Shortcuts automatically placed on a Home screen for newly installed apps will use the appropriate icon from the current icon pack.


  • FIX: The Stock Jelly Bean option appears correctly when a user has no themes/icon packs installed.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: ICON PACK SUPPORT (Sorry for the caps - my inbox made me do it).
  • NEW: Embed Stock Jelly Bean icon pack, so non-Nexus users can switch to a stock look without a third party download.
  • NEW: Added 'Auto memory cache' option. When enabled, resources will be automatically reloaded in the event Android terminates Aciton Launcher for whatever reason. Found in Labs, and is off by default.
  • NEW: Display the 'hamburger button' on the action bar instead of the Up button (thanks Arvid Gerstmann).
  • NEW: Add setting for toggling wallpaper scrolling on/off.
  • NEW: By default, display "Apps" and "Widgets" headings on the quickdrawer. This change was made because many people missed the presence of widgets.
  • NEW: Add option to configure how the quickdrawer tabs are displayed.
  • NEW: Ensure the text and icons for app shortcuts, folders and covers/shutters all display at a consistent height.
  • CHANGE: The icons for apps, shortcuts, covers, folders and shutters all drawer at the exact same height.
  • CHANGE: The quickdrawer draws the full height of the screen, and displays over the top of the current screen layout.
  • CHANGE: Restore the ability to select Holo dark as the background on the quickdrawer. Also added a new black option.
  • CHANGE: Reduce the width of the quickdrawer on tablets to conform with the new Android navigation drawer standards.
  • CHANGE: Clean up the organization of the display settings.
  • CHANGE: Don't use a transition animation when loading the system settings from Action Launcher's settings.
  • CHANGE: Further refinements to icon positioning in landscape mode.
  • REMOVE: The option of displaying the quickdrawer background as the wallpaper has been removed. This option no longer is appropriate given the Android guidelines specify the portion of the screen not covered by the drawer should be tinted.
  • FIX: Clamp the max dock width when importing. Fixes issue when importing an Apex layout that uses multiple docks.
  • FIX: Fix the initial position of an item dragged from the quickdrawer when the action bar is hidden.


  • FIX: Quickdrawer letter shortcuts no longer sometimes fail to respond when touched.
  • FIX: Fix issue where sometimes the quickdrawer's letter shortcuts would fail to display.
  • FIX: Pinching the screen will no longer cause the quickdrawer to remain partially open.
  • FIX: When an app is uninstalled, remove all of that app's shutters from the desktop.
  • FIX: Dock items are correctly imported from Nova.
  • FIX: Shortcuts are correctly imported from Nova.


  • NEW: Pressing the Back button will close the quickdrawer if it is open.
  • NEW: Pressing the Home button will close the quickdrawer if it is open, no matter whether the 'Toggle quickdrawer' setting is enabled or not.
  • CHANGE: The tutorial can display in Landscape mode, and will display correctly when the orientation is changed.
  • FIX: The preview outline displays when dragging app shortcuts from the quickdrawer.
  • FIX: Shutters save correctly after a shortcut causes existing items on the dock to be repositioned.
  • FIX: Dragging items onto the dock no longer incorrectly places the item one spot to the right on 10" tablets.
  • FIX: The app drawer closes correctly on tablets when touching the right edge of the screen.
  • FIX: The app version displays correctly in the What's New dialog.


  • NEW: Adjust the height of the quickdrawer based on whether the action bar is visible or not.
  • FIX: Newly installed/updated apps appear in their correct, alphabetized place in the quickdrawer.
  • FIX: When importing a layout with no items on the dock, set the dock width to the default width for that device size rather than 0.
  • FIX: The Up button hides correctly when opening the quickdrawer via the Home button.


  • NEW: Add the ability to select a tinted background on the quickdrawer.
  • FIX: Clicking the All Apps button works correctly when disabling the Home button quickdrawer shortcut.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • NEW: The quickdrawer contains Apps and Widgets tabs.
  • NEW: Apps and widgets can be dragged directly from the quickdrawer onto a Home screen.
  • NEW: Add lock desktop functionality.
  • NEW: Add a shortcut to the system settings from Action Launcher's settings.
  • NEW: Long pressing the hardware Menu button will open Google Now/Search.
  • NEW: Toggling the quickdrawer with the Home button can be turned off via the settings.
  • CHANGE: The action bar always remains fully on screen when opening the app drawer (brings the app in line with Android's standards).
  • CHANGE: Long pressing a Home screen displays the wallpaper selection dialog.
  • CHANGE: Display the updated Play Store logo on the action bar.
  • CHANGE: Increase the width of the all apps button to make it easier to touch.
  • CHANGE: The action bar background is now transparent by default.
  • CHANGE: A vertical swipe is the default input action to open a cover/shutter.
  • CHANGE: Disable the 'Double tap time' shortcut setting when the open method is set as a swipe.
  • CHANGE: Update the tutorial to detail the updated quickdrawer.
  • CHANGE: Improve the look and placement of the Uninstall/Delete/Info drop down view in landscape mode.
  • REMOVE: The dedicated Customize screen has been depreciated.
  • FIX: The app correctly stays as the default launcher after a device restart (for real this time).
  • FIX: Increase the minimum height of shutter widgets. Widgets like Play Music and ESPN Score Center display correctly.
  • FIX: The list of apps in the quickdrawer is correctly updated when apps are installed or removed from the system. This also fixes the occasional 'off by one' issue in the quickdrawer.
  • FIX: The position of the edge shadow no longer gets out of sync when opening the quickdrawer.
  • FIX: The quickdrawer letter shortcuts work correctly with apps that have lowercase titles.


  • FIX: Fix possible crash during app initialization.
  • FIX: Layout is saved correctly when a shutter on the dock has it's widget removed.


  • CHANGE: Search and Play Store icons are bundled with the app rather than being fetched from the system.
  • FIX: Layout is saved correctly when a shutter is dragged from a folder/cover.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • CHANGE: The Settings activity does not change orientation if the user has specified for the screen orientation to be locked.
  • CHANGE: Don't show Action Launcher Pro in the list of apps that can be hidden.
  • FIX: Quicksearch once again allows for apps to be searched
  • FIX: Recently loaded apps appear in the quicksearch suggestions list once again.
  • FIX: Correctly save the layout when dragging items to and from the dock.
  • FIX: Fix issue importing Nova/Apex layouts.
  • FIX: Correctly import the dock items from the AOSP launcher.


  • FIX: Fix disappearing icons when removing a widget from a shutter.
  • FIX: Fix issue where after removing the widget from shutter in a folder/cover, the resulting shortcut could no longer be dragged.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • FIX: Fix issue where reordering items on a Home screen or the dock now works would display an incorrect layout until the app was restarted.
  • FIX: The layout is correctly saved when reordering shutters inside a folder.
  • FIX: Misc. stability improvements.


  • CHANGE: When importing from another launcher, automatically adjust the width of the dock to match the new layout.
  • CHANGE: 10" tablets display the Home screen page indicator as per all other devices.
  • FIX: Dock items are positioned correctly in landscape mode on 10" tablets.
  • FIX: Searching for apps via quicksearch works correctly.
  • FIX: Fix stability issues when dragging items.
  • FIX: Other misc. stability improvements.


  • FIX: Fix stability issues on 10" tablets.
  • FIX: Fix crash when placing some widgets.
  • FIX: Gracefully handle a security exception when attempting to import a different home screen layout.
  • FIX: Hide label text for shutters in a folder when appropriate.
  • FIX: The screen edge shadow displays correctly on 10" tablets.


  • NEW: Shutters - finally, you can unlock the power and potential of Android's widgets. Shutters are similar to a cover: press the app icon to load the app, but if you swipe the icon, that app's widget will automatically be created and displayed. (Note that due to Android API limitations, shutters require Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later.)
  • NEW: Landscape mode is enabled by default on tablets (including Nexus 7).
  • NEW: Full 10" tablet support, including the addition of the dock.
  • NEW: Much, much, much improved general app stability. Memory leaks should be a thing of the past, and general usage of the app will be significantly more stable as a consequence.
  • NEW: Opening the quickdrawer with an edge swipe when not on the furthermost left Home screen is now much easier.
  • NEW: Pressing the app icon of a cover or shutter displays the Holo themed glow to indicate that button has been pressed.
  • NEW: Update the tutorial to detail shutters.
  • NEW: Add an option to allow users to hide the text labels for Home screens items.
  • CHANGE: Text labels are always hidden for items in the dock.
  • CHANGE: A folder's label draws at the same height as a shortcut's text. Fun fact: this issue occurs in AOSP.
  • CHANGE: The Landscape mode labs option is now only available on phones.
  • CHANGE: The Settings and Tutorial screens can display in landscape mode.
  • CHANGE: Adjust the size of the Customize screen so it displays better in landscape mode.
  • CHANGE: Adjust the position of Home screens and the dock to allow for the action bar in landscape mode.
  • CHANGE: No longer always hide the action bar in landscape mode.
  • CHANGE: Adjust the height of the dock dividers in landscape mode to align with the base of the action bar.
  • CHANGE: The 'toggle action bar' option has graduated from labs, and now resides in the Shortcuts settings (they grow up so fast...).
  • CHANGE: Don't display the action bar's up button if the quickdrawer is open.
  • CHANGE: Prevent the keyboard from displaying on tablets when using a number picker in the settings
  • CHANGE: Hidden apps are hidden only from the quickdrawer. They still appear on the Customize screen.
  • CHANGE: Restore the stock AOSP App Info and Uninstall items when dragging apps from the Customize screen.
  • FIX: Fix case where selecting one app to hide could in fact hide multiple apps.
  • FIX: Hide Action Launcher from the quickdrawer by default. Never show it in the Customize screen.
  • FIX: The text labels of items in the Customize apps tab draws correctly on all devices.
  • FIX: When importing from another launcher, the furthermost right item in the dock no longer gets ignored.
  • FIX: The 5th and 6th item in the dock no longer sometimes disappear.
  • FIX: The dock displays correctly in landscape mode.
  • FIX: The Google Search shortcut no longer appears multiple times in the quicksearch suggestions list.
  • FIX: Fix the text labels of items in the quickdrawer drawing behind the letter shortcuts.
  • FIX: Rotating the device with the Customize screen displaying correctly restores the previously selected tab.
  • FIX: Resolve 'duplicate provider authority' error some people were getting.
  • FIX: Fix potential crash when dragging items.
  • FIX: Fix case where loading a wallpaper app would sometimes load the wrong activity.
  • FIX: Shortcuts for newly installed apps always display on the correct page.
  • FIX: Remove unnecessary logs that were polluting LogCat.


  • NEW: Whenever an app is opened, a shortcut for that app is added to the quicksearch recent list. This allows people to use quicksearch's suggestions as a recent apps list.
  • NEW: Always display a shortcut to Google Now as the top most suggestion when quicksearch is engaged.
  • NEW: Added a shortcut to Voice Search in quicksearch.
  • NEW: Allow people to configure the function of the action bar's search button. Quicksearch is the default, but it can be configured to jump to Google search or voice search as the user so desires. Note that either of these options may be better suited to less powerful devices.
  • NEW: Users can specify a default Home screen.
  • NEW: Added a Labs section to the settings, which is a home for experimental features.
  • NEW: The action bar can be toggled on and off by tapping an empty space on the Home screen. (Labs)
  • NEW: Added the option to enable landscape mode. (Labs)
  • CHANGE: You can set a cover to have no name.
  • FIX: Cover names are no longer automatically set to the name of the first app in the cover.
  • FIX: Pressing empty space on a homepage no longer instantiates Voice Search in some instances.
  • FIX: Various stability improvements.


  • FIX: Users are no longer prompted to select a default launcher when restarting their device.


  • FIX: Move an app icon/widget no longer always displays a blue image.


  • FIX: A great many FCs due to the app using too much memory.
  • FIX: The issue of the quicksearch bar automatically collapsing in Android 4.2.


  • FIX: Fix FC when quicksearch suggestions are displaying and the app window loses focus.


  • FIX: Fix FC when using the keyboard's search key during quicksearch.


  • FIX: Fix FC when using shortcuts.
  • FIX: General stability improvements.


  • FIX: Big reduction in memory usage, which greatly improves the overall stability of the app.
  • FIX: Vastly improved scrolling performance of widgets in the Customize mode.
  • FIX: Improve swipe messaging on the first tutorial page (thanks @Koush!).


  • NEW: Quicksearch - filter the apps, contacts and even music on your device, directly from the action bar's search button.
  • NEW: Covers can now be opened by swiping vertically on the cover icon, double-tapping the icon, or both. A swipe is the default.
  • NEW: Added tutorial, detailing covers, the sliding app drawer and Quicksearch.
  • NEW: Users can specify apps to hide from the app drawer.
  • NEW: Vastly improved the animation when opening the app drawer.
  • NEW: Allow configuration of the number of rows and columns on a Home screen page.
  • NEW: Allow configuration of the number of columns on the dock.
  • NEW: Added support for importing a layout from Apex, Nova and TouchWiz, in addition to stock Android.
  • NEW: Added support for expanding and shrinking the padding on the edges of the screen.
  • NEW: The double-tap time to open a cover can be changed via the settings.
  • NEW: Added setting to disable automatically opening the notification panel after a downward swipe.
  • NEW: Added ability to resize any widget.
  • NEW: Display a dialog highlighting the new features of this release.
  • CHANGE: Remove the "Apps" text from the action bar.
  • CHANGE: Automatically close the app drawer when resuming the app.
  • CHANGE: All buttons on the action bar are the same color.
  • CHANGE: Never display the Customize button. Instead this button always resides in the overflow menu.
  • CHANGE: Items in the sliding app drawer are the exact same height as the action bar.
  • CHANGE: Revert to using standard AOSP behavior for Home screens. The default page is in the 'middle', rather than the far left.
  • CHANGE: If there is a single Home screen, or the default Home screen is displaying, pressing Home opens the app drawer. Otherwise, jump to the default Home screen.
  • CHANGE: Modifying the number of Home screens now uses a pretty NumberPicker.
  • FIX: Vastly improved the performance when scrolling through Home screens.
  • FIX: When rearranging items in a cover, the cover image updates correctly on the Home screen.
  • FIX: Change wallpaper apps load correctly
  • FIX: Swiping from the very edge of the screen will change a Home screen on all devices.
  • FIX: The Direct Dial widget works correctly on Samsung devices.
  • FIX: Fix action bar going MIA at times.
  • FIX: Shortcuts to just installed apps are displayed on the default Home screen.
  • FIX: Width of the app drawer displays correctly on 10" tablets.
  • FIX: The app drawer no longer incorrectly opens when dragging an item on a Home screen.
  • FIX: The 'Page indicator' setting no longer has a mistaken dependency on the 'Dock seperator' setting.
  • FIX: Clicking a hardware home button when a device is powered off and there is no lockscreen no longer mistakenly opens the app drawer.
  • FIX: Adjust default page margins so that TouchWiz widgets display correctly.
  • FIX: Widget previews no longer display indefinitely on ICS.
  • FIX: Shortcut widgets can be created on ICS.
  • FIX: Fix FC when moving widgets on ICS.
  • FIX: Fix FC when duplicate shortcut IDs are used.
  • FIX: Fix FC when importing a layout with no items in it.


  • FIX: Widgets can be placed correctly
  • FIX: WiFi and telephony device features are optional. Fixes the app not being listed in the Play Store for Nexus 7 and similar devices.


  • FIX: Specify the correct Play Store URL.
  • Merge launcher code into Action Launcher Pro project, rather than having a separate download.


  • Initial release.
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