Action Launcher Plugin 4.0


The Action Launcher Plugin app is an optional, companion app for Action Launcher. When installed, Plugin allows Action Launcher to display the Google Discover feed (previously known as Google Now) by swiping from the leftmost home screen in Action Launcher.

Version 4.0

Action Launcher Plugin v4.0 fixes disconnection issues related to the Discover feed.

When running Action Launcher v49 or later and Plugin version 4, Action Launcher automatically reconnects to the Discover feed if it is disconnected for whatever reason.

Those running Action Launcher v48 or earlier need to manually download and update to Action Launcher Plugin v4.0.

Action Launcher Plugin 4.0 direct link: action_launcher_plugin_4.apk.

Note: the Action Launcher Plugin is not able to be distributed via Google Play (otherwise we’d just put the functionality directly into Action Launcher), so installing it requires manually downloading and installing it. Those that feel comfortable doing this should feel free to enjoy Action Launcher Plugin’s extra features. Those that don’t, rest assured Action Launcher itself still has more than enough goodness to keep anyone content 😃.