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Purchase & Billing Troubleshooting

Can I transfer a purchase to a different Google Account?

To our great frustration Google Play does not provide a way for developers to transfer in-app purchases to a different Google Account. We're sorry, but Google Play leaves us no options here 😔.

My previous Plus purchase is not being recognized!

99% of cases where Google Play does not return valid results is caused by having multiple Google Accounts on a single device, and Google Play being confused as to which app installed Action Launcher.

Many people have reported that the Play Store can erroneously change the account associated with an app installation. This Google support post describes a possible solution.

Failing that, a surefire way to fix the problem is to uninstall Action Launcher and re-download it using the proper account. We hope it doesn't come to that for you, but if it does please make sure you perform a manual layout backup via "Settings -> Import & backup" first.


How are premium features unlocked in Action Launcher?

Since Action Search's introduction in early 2019, Action Launcher's premium features unlock as per the following rules:

In countries that support Bing affiliate search:

  • A Plus purchase unlocks all app premium features in perpetuity, with the sole exception of picking search engines when using Action Search.
  • 12 months after a Plus purchase, use of Action Search with custom search engines requires a Supporter Badge purchase from the last 2 years.

In countries where Bing affiliate search is not available:

  • A Plus purchase unlocks all app features in perpetuity, and search engine customization can be used with Action Search.

Like any business, financing Action Launcher's ongoing development requires continuous revenue generation. As described in this 2019 blog post, Action Launcher's in-app purchase revenue has meaningfully declined from its peak.

In 2019 Action Launcher introduced Action Search, which by default directs searches initiated from Action Search to Bing (in supported countries) using an affiliate code. Since 2019, the affiliate revenue earned from such queries has been integral in allowing Action Launcher to remain a viable financial product.

While there are many people who are happy to use Bing with Action Search, we appreciate many people prefer to pick their own search engine (specifically Google). Action Launcher's settings do allow use of Google with Action Search, but in light of the forgoed Bing affiliate revenue, this feature does require a Supporter Badge purchase from the last 2 years.

We know not everyone loves this requirement, but we see it as necessary to continue to guarantee Action Launcher's ongoing development. We thank you for your understanding.

Can I pick a custom search engine if I don't have a recent Plus or Supporter Badge purchase?

Yes. Simply disable Action Search, at which point you are free to customize search engine as you like.

If you wish to continue using Action Search, other options including adding a Google Search shortcut to Action Launcher's search bar (the Search Engine settings has a shortcut for this), or placing the widget for the search bar from the Google app on your desktop.

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Support for more countries is being added over time.


I have a feature request!

We'd love to hear it! The best place to make it is in the "🙋-feature-requests" channel in our lively Discord.

I have a bug to report

We're sorry you're experiencing issues. We try to be very active fixing bugs. The best place to report bugs is in the "🐞-bug-reports" channel in our Discord.

Is there a support email?

We highly recommend making all support related requests via our Discord.

While we do have a support email ([email protected]), we prioritize responding on Discord. This sometimes/often means we simply don't get to email.

We apologize for this, but it can be hard getting to everyone, and we think it's best to reply to issues publicly on Discord, where people can get answers from the community, find answers to common questions already asked, etc.

Is there a beta group?

Yes. Join via

Can I help with translations?

We'd love the help! As of now we're focusing on translations in a few key regions where Action Launcher is most popular (Brazil and India), but we'd welcome any and all help. Please see the "🌍-translation" channel in our Discord.

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